20/05/2017 (Day 342: Marathon Run 1 Reflection: Star Fox 2)

Today and tomorrow’s blog will be reflections on how my runs at DistantStarCares Marathon for St Jude that I have been taking part in these past couple of days. The main reason why I signed for this marathon, which I did not explain yesterday is because St Jude is such an amazing cause and does amazing work for children who need life saving treatment. Having seen first hand the effects of this surgery from working in a hospital, I know that the surgery that these children receive is vital and the money that is raised for St Jude is needed. The motto for St Jude is “Play For More Than Bragging Rights”, which is one of the best because it is a great motto not only for the charity, but for life in general due to the fact that it emphasises the enjoyment of video games and the fact that every dollar counts.

My Star Fox 2 run I am really proud to say raised $30, which might not sound like a lot of money, but for a speedrun with an estimate of 15 minutes, that is the equivalent of $120 per hour on average. I was initially worried because on the day of my run, no one had donated for my speedrun and I was concerned that my run would not raise any money. However, in the following hours, there were 3 donations that totalled $30 and I immediately felt accomplished because there were people who wanted to see something different with my speedrun and the donation incentives helped with this. I think this is one of the most important marathons I have been apart of because it is the fact that I have helped raise money for a worthy cause.

The speedrun itself went really well because of the donation incentive, I had to beat a battleship with the slowest character as it won the incentive. I feel that my explanation throughout the run was actually really good considering the fact that my run was really close to midnight, which was the latest time that I have ever had to do a speedrun. My time was an 11:26, which is considering I fulfilled the donation incentive, ended up being a really solid time. I think that my consistency with marathon speedruns have been improving quite a bit.

Overall, I am really happy that this run went really well considering the time of day that I did the run at. I am also thankful for the people who donated to the incentive because every dollar counts for this amazing cause.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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