19/05/2017 (Day 341: DistantStarGames)

Today I would like to speak about a speedrunning marathon that I am running a couple of games in, one run this evening and one run tomorrow. This speedrunning marathon has been set up by Tokko_Tomcat, who I have mentioned before in a previous blog, but he has worked really hard to get this marathon set up. I first heard about the marathon a couple of months ago and there is one reason that I will explain later that was the sole reason that I wanted to run in this marathon. Also, any time that I get offered an opportunity to run any of my speedruns in marathon, I tend to accept it as a chance to both showcase my speedrunning ability, as well as bring the games that I run, which tend to fly more under the radar to a wider audience. The marathon that I will be running in tonight and tomorrow is called DistantStarGames for St Jude.

I first heard about the marathon a couple of months ago when Tokko invited me to submit for it because he said that I would make for a great runner in the marathon. I was initially unsure because of how far away the marathon was at the time, but as it got closer and closer, I decided that because it was raising money for the St Jude charity, I had to submit two games for the marathon. When I looked at the fellow runners who had made the cut for the marathon, I was actually shocked because some of the more well known runners were in the same marathon as me, which made me feel that I must have something about me and my speedruns that caught Tokko’s eye. The schedule as well is fantastic because my first run is part of quite a sizeable Star Fox block and it is always positive to have other members of the Star Fox marathon alongside me. My runs are 6:45pm EST with Star Fox 2 today and tomorrow at 12:25pm with Lester The Unlikely.

Overall, please check out the marathon at DistantStarCares on Twitch because it is a marathon for a really good cause and the donation incentives are definitely worth donating for.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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