18/05/2017 (Day 340: A Very Sleepy Lester Personal Best)

I mentioned yesterday that I had not been feeling all that well and it had made feel somewhat tired, however I still was able to stream for a little while because I wanted to stay by my promise of streaming. Before I started the stream, I was definitely nervous because I have not had a lot of experience of doing any form of speedrunning or any streaming when I am tired. I normally decide to cancel a stream when I don’t feel up to it, but for some reason last night I had a good feeling about streaming because I wanted to do some Lester The Unlikely races with the Lester League, which is the name of the Lester speedrunning community. I wanted to race because it was a situation where I would be able to do some no reset runs of the game, which is vital leading up to the large amount of marathons I am taking part in.

The members of the Lester community I raced were KoffingRockz, who is currently the world record holder in the game and one of the most consistent runners of the game. The other racer was Radioactive_Rat, who had recently picked the game back up and had been practicing a little bit because she had ran the game in some other marathons. I was definitely nervous racing these two speedrunners because their personal bests are the 2 fastest times in the world in the game and it definitely made me weary about the potential gulf in class that would be on show. However, the first race did not turn out like this at all because it was a really tight race between all of us and I ended up winning by about 2 seconds over Koffing. During this race, the time I achieved was a 40 second personal best and my time was 18 minutes exactly. It turns out if I had not of made a small mistake on one of the stages I would have become the 3rd fastest instead of being the 5th fastest, which I am now.

The second race was just me and Radioactive_Rat and it is safe to say that fatigue really took ahold of me and I ended up losing by quite a sizeable margin. The thing though I need to remember was that I had got a really good personal best previously and that every run that I have completed recently has been progress for me because only a month ago, I could not beat the game whatsoever. Reflecting upon that fact, to be able to consistently be able to complete the game almost every run that I do is a huge amount of progress.

Overall, I am really happy with the personal best and for winning my first ever speedrunning race. It only took me 2 years to achieve, but to have the feeling of winning a race and getting a personal best at the same time is a double victory for me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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