17/05/2017 (Day 339: Feeling Under The Weather)

The weather here for me the past couple of days has been the sort of weather that I really struggle because me and humidity do not go well together whatsoever. Normally, the summer for me is fine because it can be a hot day, but with sea breezes making sure that the humidity is somewhat more bearable. However, around this time of year is when the temperatures may not be the highest, but the overall feel of the weather can feel extremely clammy and close. This close weather is exactly the weather that I have been experiencing and it is safe to say that this is making me feel somewhat unwell.

The issue with the heat is that I tend to get migraines or severe headaches when the weather is like this, well as tense headaches when there is the potential for thunderstorms. The main thing that this heat does is drain me of energy and it is like a leach sapping the energy quicker than I can do anything about it. The heat also means that I don’t sleep very well and last night was a classic example of this. I only ended up sleeping about 4 or 5 hours last night, which really has made me feel tired and really not energetic whatsoever. The problem I have with this sort of weather is that I can’t escape it and the fact that my body does not adapt to hot weather very well, it means that I don’t really have a solution whenever it gets hot and muggy.

I have tried to have a nap or siesta, but the issue is that today the humidity has been lingering around for quite some time and there is no major rainfall in the forecast from what I can see. I never nap normally because it can affect my ability to get to sleep the next night, but I would have loved for to even have a 30 minute nap to rejuvenate my energy levels that little bit more. The thing is that I wanted to do some practice for upcoming speedrunning marathons, which are literally just around the corner, but the last thing I want to do is practice when the attempts might be sub par to my standards. Needless to say, I am still going to try and stream even for an hour today because I have promised my community that I would stream and my new approach to streaming is to stream when I say I will and not cancel at all.

Overall, I wish that this really close, hot, humid air goes away sooner rather than later because it is not fun to work in the heat, especially when there is no air conditioning. On the plus side, it at least is giving an insight to potentially seeing what sort of summer is ahead of me here.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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