16/05/2017 (Day 338: JohnCarls: Game Boy Aficionado)

The streamer I would like to talk about today is one of the host of the Frame Savers Podcast, which is one of my favourite video games podcasts to listen to. He is also the streamer that has embarked on a Game Boy Quest, which is where he is going to complete all of the American released games for the Original Game Boy. This challenge is similar to other stream challenges like NESMania and SNEStravaganza that have been attempted on Twitch previously. The interesting thing that Game Boy Quest is that it is a challenge including a console that I grew with and have very fond memories and nostalgia for. This streamer is the Game Boy Aficionado JohnCarls and he is a great streamer.

I found JohnCarls in the September of 2015 on the launch of the Frame Savers Podcast and Authorblues that was my introduction to JohnCarls. I didn’t actually follow John until about a month after the first couple of episodes of the Frame Savers when he was recommended to me. I can not remember the first time that I watched JohnCarls because it was over a year and a half ago, but I believe it was a speedrunning stream that it was.

The first thing I noticed was how professional John was towards the speedgame that he running and how much detail he was going into about the speedrun. These explanations of the speedrunning tricks was really helpful in terms of helping me and the chat watching at the time what was happening, so that no one was confused because the game he was speeedrunning was Alien Syndrome. There have been other streamers who have speedran games that have games that are more obscure games but sometimes have not explained what is going on, which has made me feel like I was out of the loop with what was happening. John goes the extra mile to make sure that the game is well explained to anyone who is new and asks about the glitches or tricks in the games he speedruns.

The other thing I noticed about the stream is the Game Boy Quest that he has undertaken, which is a quest to beat all US released Game Boy games. This was a massive plus to me because I was seeing games that I had never seen before on a console that I grew with and had nostalgia for. As of writing this blog, he has beaten over 140 games out of about 500, which is quite impressive considering how annoying some of the sports games are on the system.

Overall, check out JohnCarls stream because he is a great streamer with a wealth of knowledge about a lot of different games. Also, he is a high quality speedrunner and someone who has really revived my nostalgia for the Game Boy, as well as introducing me to new Game Boy games to play.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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