15/05/2017 (Day 337: Rapture Gaming Festival Reflection)

The weekend just gone I was away from social media and my Discord server because I attended Rapture Gaming Festival in Colchester with my stream team Streamers Connected. I first found out about the festival about a week and a half about before the event and I only found out because there was an announcement from the stream team that the team would have a booth at the event. I spoke to a couple of other people from the team who were going and this conversation made me decide to buy tickets for the event. I was planning to go to MCM Comic Con at the end of the month, but Rapture because my preference because it was really close to home and I would not need a hotel to stay at.

The morning of the first day came around and I will be honest, I was actually quite nervous to meet people from the stream team because of how new I still am to the team. I was worried that because I was going on my own and I didn’t know anyone at the event that it was going to be difficult to meet new people and socialise. However, the complete opposite happened because as soon as I got into the event and found the booth, I meet AliceDeStrange who is a streamer on the team. I was initially nervous to talk to anyone, but after speaking to Alice about being lost, she invited me to sit down and we ended up chatting for well over the first hour of the event. Alice really helped me feel comfortable speaking to other who were at the booth and also helped me confident in terms of introducing myself throughout the event.


The next person I met at the event was Flowdriver, who is a partnered streamer on Twitch and one of the most awesome people I met at the event. She introduced herself to me and at the time I had been introduced to a couple of other people, but I was not good at remembering names. However, we got talking and she ended up giving me one of her business cards and a heart made out of Perler beads. She made me feel really happy because she ended up introducing me to LtZonda, who from the beginning of the event I had seen, but I was really nervous to met as he was the biggest streamer I had ever met.

On the way to lunch, Flow introduced me to Zonda and we got talking about my brother who Zonda had met before because he wanted a photo of my brother’s Iron Man Cosplay. Zonda was really surprised when he found out I was the younger brother and he was really happy to meet me as well. After the introductions, we all ate lunch together, me, Alice, Zonda, Flow and a couple of other Streamers Connected teammates, who I have forgot names of. But, eating lunch with these guys starting made me feel like I was one of the team and most importantly, a valued team member.


I spent the afternoon of Day 1 streaming live from the event because there are 10 high end PC setups, that were provided for the team for the duration of the event. It is safe to say that the audio quality of the stream was something higher than I think I will ever achieve at home because the setup I was on was worth about £2000/$3000. The microphone quality was stunning and the CPU was one of the most powerful Intel CPU’s on the market. The stream went really well I feel, even though I was nervous because of the fact that I almost felt like a celebrity at the event. I also went to the after party in the evening, where I played quite a bit of games and also hung out with a few more awesome people from the team.

Day 2 was much more busy because I decided that I would signup for a couple of the tournaments at the events, which were FIFA 17 and Rocket League. FIFA 17 I had started playing at the event for the first time and I was able to pick up the controls quite quickly. Rocket League I played for the first time in the tournament and I did not get anytime to practice prior to the round 1 match. In both tournaments, I got to round 2 and got defeated quite heavily by opponents that both would end up in the final of the respective tournaments.

After the tournaments, I got the opportunity to meet RageDarling, who I had been wanting to introduce myself too since the first day, but she did a lot of hosting for the stream team and for the venue. She was really polite and did a wonderful job hosting a lot on stage and when I got chance to meet her, she was more than happy to have a photo with me. A lot of team mates were more than happy to have photos with me, which also made me feel really welcome to the team.


The event has really made me feel like I am an important member of Streamers Connected because everyone that I spoke to or meet throughout the weekend were all so polite. I have made some amazing friends from the event who I will be friends with for a long time to come because they have made me feel that even though I am new to the team and a smaller streamer, that I am important to the team. I felt really special and it is safe to say that when I had to say goodbye at the end of the second and final day, I could have cried because everyone I met there is now a friend of mine.

Overall, Rapture Gaming Festival was one of the best events I could have ever decided to go to because I have met so many awesome people that really like me for who I am. I even got invited by Zonda to go up to Insomnia 61 at the end of August, which I am hoping I can go up to because everyone at Rapture was awesome.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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