14/05/2017 (Day 336: FrankThePegasus: The Awesome Speedperler)

I have been speaking quite a bit lately about speedrunning and gaming streams in this blog, but today I would like to speak about a fantastic creative streamer who from the first time I watched her, I have enjoyed thoroughly. I have continued to have a look at some creative streamers because I find them to be quite relaxing to watch after a busy speedrunning stream or as something I can watch to chill out. This streamer is an example of someone who I watched for a little bit before talking and the reason I do this is so I can get a feel for the streamer, and the community because I want to make sure that the streamer is someone I can enjoy and chill out with them. Today’s streamer who met these criteria with flying colours and is a streamer I always look forward to watching is FrankThePegasus.

I first spoke to her in Tashnarr’s chat after she raided the channel and I initially did not think anything of it because there are a lot of people who raid a wide variety of streamers that I watch. I think the only thing I said in this encounter was to acknowledge the raid and basically greeted her. However, when I was browsing Twitch Creative last month, I saw her name as one of the Perler streams and I recognised the name immediately.

When I recognise names of streamers who raid channels I follow, I always check the stream because I am of the mindset that the streamer could be someone awesome to check out and FrankThePegasus was awesome. She immediately greeted me and the community was very welcoming, which made me feel right at home within a matter of a few minutes. When I used one of Tashnarr’s emotes in her chat, she recognised it and asked me about how long I followed Tashnarr, which I feel really did wonders to break the ice initially. After this, I had to drop a follow because Frank was the sort of streamer like I always look for because she is a great streamer, has a wonderful community and is so polite to everyone.

The things I like so much about Frank’s stream is that she is really caring towards her community and even follows members of her community who stream themselves. She really shows an interest in streamers in her community and watches them when she can and she has watched me a couple of times and shows so much enthusiasm. When she visited my chat, she molded in to the community immediately and she is a welcome addition to my community because of how positive she is to speedrunning, even though she is not a speedrunner herself.

Overall, please check out FrankThePegasus on Twitch because she is such a cool streamer that deserves your follow and your views. She recently hit 2000 followers and I think she has the ability to continue to grow and go up the Twitch ladder potentially to partnership.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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