13/05/2017 (Day 335: Tokko_Tomcat: He Is My Falco Of The Star Fox 2 Community)

Today I would like to talk about one of the awesome members of the Star Fox 2 community because even though he is still quite new to the game, he has worked really hard and definitely a quality speedrunner. I believe Tokko found me during a speedrunning marathon that I was partaking in where I was speedrunning Star Fox 2 and he decided to follow me after the stream. Normally, with streamers that I end up finding and following are streamers that I find from me browsing the vast world of Twitch’s browsing system, but this streamer found me and said that I inspired him. The stream I would like to talk about I consider to be my Star Fox 2 wingman, Tokko_Tomcat.

He found me during a speedrunning marathon and was quite enthusiastic about me and Star Fox 2, which normally doesn’t happen during marathons. I have gained quite a few followers from marathons, but to have someone who learnt the game from me and said that I was the reason that he speedruns Star Fox 2, makes me feel like that in my streaming time on Twitch that I have made an impact on someone’s life. After the marathon that Tokko found me in, he watched a lot of my streams and noted down the sort of things that I was doing in the run and worked really hard on learning the strategies that I spent a long time mastering. However, Tokko picked up the game really well and is now the 2nd quickest time in the world in any% Normal and I will be racing him in a marathon in Star Fox 2 in the coming weeks. He has also become one of the most active members of my community and has offered me so much support in the past few months.

I decided to check out his stream after he showed me so much support because to have another member of the Star Fox 2 community made me a very happy person. He is a really good streamer who works really hard on making sure that the quality of the streams that he broadcasts are of the highest standard. He also does some awesome variety streams where he plays some other games and this variety means that I can watch him and always be interested in the game he is playing.

Overall, please check out Tokko_Tomcat on Twitch because he deserves so many more followers than he currently has and he has the potential to really go places with his stream. He has also been there throughout the tough times I have had recently and helped me out so much.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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