11/05/2017 (Day 333: Stream Of Stress)

Last night I decided that I would stream because it had been nearly a week since I had last streamed on Twitch due to some personal things that I have had to sort out. I knew going into the stream that it could be my last stream before Rapture this weekend, so my goal was to really try hard and improve my times because it would the final opportunity for about a week. Then again, I treat every stream as an opportunity because every time I start a speedrun, I go into it with a clean slate and a chance to prove that I can beat my personal best times. I also treat it as a chance to try and get more consistent at my speedruns because even though I am trying to beat my best times, I won’t beat them if I am unable to maintain a level of play throughout the amount of speedrun attempts. The consistency is something I have been working on the most recently in my streams because I have a few speedrunning marathons coming up and if I can’t be consistent, then I won’t be able to show off the game in the best way. The other thing is with my consistency is that I sometimes have the ability to do the occasional great run, but the other runs tend to be bad and that is something I have and will continue to work on.

Safe to say that the stream did not go at all according to plan because last night had to be the night where internet issues would cause the stream to go down multiple times. I normally don’t have that many issues with my internet when I stream because it is usually really good and stable for the most part, but last night it went up and down more times than a yo-yo. My stream went down at least 5 times and about half way through the planned stream time I was expecting to have to cut the stream short, but somehow the internet resolved itself and I was able to get some runs in. These runs didn’t go brilliantly, but considering how frustrated I was with the stream issues, I held it together quite well.

Overall, last night’s stream was one to forget because the internet issues really did drain any positivity I had at the start, but the recovery I did do considering the circumstances was good.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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