10/05/2017 (Day 332: Really Enjoying Guild Wars 2)

On Monday after watching Cleydri play some Guild Wars 2 and having been quite intrigued by the game for a sizeable period of time, I decided to download and install Guild Wars 2, which is officially the first ever MMO that I have played. I did play some League of Legends, but I really did not enjoy playing the game because I felt I was unable to learn the game due to the amount of pressure that players would put me under. Also, the only thing that League of Legends has Player V Players and I really don’t enjoy that aspect of the game, which was the only thing I could do in League. The issue is that there are other MMO’s that at the time I wanted to check out, but the bad experience that I had in League of Legends had put me off the genre of game for a sizeable period of time. Also, I really was worried that because of how busy I was that I would not have the time to stay invested in a new MMO. Even though I had all of these thoughts in the forefront of my mind when I was downloading Guild Wars 2, I still decided that it would be worth my time to at least try out the game.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was enjoying the game because I was not expecting too much from the game because of my preconceptions about MMO’s, but the game introduced me well to the mechanics and I did not feel lost at all. The game has a pretty cool story that is set up around the character class and set up that I chose, meaning that the story is tailored to my class and my character. This is positive because there are quests and things that I can do that won’t take me too long to do and this means that if I want to only the game for a short period of time, then the game gives me this freedom rather than locking me in long quests. I definitely think I will be playing this more because it is free to play and I think that it is one of the better free to play games out at the moment.

Overall, I am really enjoying Guild Wars 2 and I am really glad that I decided to check the game out because it has really changed my perception about playing MMO’s in the future. Although, I will make sure not to get consumed by lots of MMO’s because I don’t want my content to suffer from playing it too much.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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