09/05/2017 (Day 331: Spofie: Such A Great Streamer And All Round Awesome Person)

Today, I would like to speak about a streamer who I found quite recently watching the Chillest Podcast and I had to check out her stream. I have spoken quite often about variety streamers and speedrunning streams, but today’s streamer predominantly streams Final Fantasy XIV and if anything, I have found myself really enjoying watching the game. I tend to shy away from watching MMO streams, but this streamer has really stood out as someone who has made me really enjoy the journey of the game. Today’s streamer I will be talking about is the wonderful Spofie, or Sophie.

I found her when I was catching up on the Chillest Podcast about 3 weeks ago and at the time, I was checking out more streamers to broaden my horizons and Spofie really stood out to me as a really positive streamer. From the first stream I watched her, she made feel extremely welcome to the stream and I immediately felt like I was part of the community within a matter of moments. Spofie is also a wonderful streamer because she treats everyone equally, no matter if someone is a sub or someone like me who isn’t a sub. She greets everyone in such a positive manner and she makes me feel really happy whenever I watch her, which has been the reason why I really look to watching her stream.

Another aspect of her stream that I really like is that when I say hello at the beginning of the stream, quite a few members of the community watching the stream at the same times also say hello to me. This immediately makes me feel comfortable and also makes me feel confident in engaging in conversation because normally I am quite a shy person whenever I join a chat. Spofie’s community is always willing to engage with conversation with me and others in chat and what has meant for me is that I am free to join topic discussions with other chat members easily without coming across as awkward. The moderators in the chat are amazing because you can chat and have a laugh with them, but they know how to make sure that things don’t go over the top. This means that if any trolls or troublemakers try to disrupt things they tend to be removed quickly and effectively. The chat experience is one of the finest in all of Twitch because everyone respects each other and Spofie, which makes for such a positive atmosphere that I have rarely seen anywhere on Twitch.

Overall, please check out Spofie because she plays Final Fantasy XIV really well and she always makes me happy to watch her. She has an aura of positivity and feel good that I can go there whenever I feel low and within moments smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Please drop her a follow because she is simply one of the finest streamer on Twitch and I really enjoy her stream.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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