08/05/2017 (Day 330: Feeling Amazing And Back To Normal)

If you followed my blogs over the weekend, then you will know that I have had some issues with feeling down and depressed, as well as struggling to find a solution to the issue. Well, the plans I had for the blogs and everything else I put on hold for today because I wanted to focus on getting back to feeling happier and more positive. I feel that if I had of pushed hard today like I was planning to, then I would not have been able to recalibrate my mind to be the happy person I am now. I have turned over a new leaf and I am feeling amazing and mostly back to normal.

The thing I want to do is make sure that I remain positive and keep improving my morale because I have found that being positive is easy, but keep the morale high is another challenge entirely. I have done a couple of really positive things today and one of them was finally finish tidying my bedroom completely. This has put me in a great mood because my bedroom was bringing me down somewhat as I felt that if I didn’t sort it out then I would not have been getting happier. There was a sense of elation and completeness when I completed the final stages of my bedroom, as well as a feeling of success because I did something that had been bringing me down for a little while.

What I need to do in the coming days, is take that feeling I experienced of success and apply it to other aspects of my life, for example my diet which I started back up today. I had fallen off the wagon completely when it came to my diet because of my morale issues, but now I am dedicated and focused to losing as much weight as I possible can. The way I am doing this differently is that I am instead taking things day by day rather than thinking about my final goal, that way I can treat each day as a challenge to not give in to temptation.

Overall, the lessons I have learnt recently and the solutions to the issues I have been having are already helping me out. The main thing is to continue this day and day and not think of final goals because those are quite a way into the future and the hear and now is what is important.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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