05/05/2017 (Day 327: Starting To Feel More Positive And Progressing)

Recently, I have had quite the increase in motivation, however I have been noticing that my mood has been a little bit lower than it was a few weeks ago. I think that last week before I started my month of motivation that I had kind of lost myself and really struggled to get back into the swing of building my lead on reviews. When I feel lost, sometimes finding out what is causing the root of my issues can become an arduous process where I have to analyse what has been happening in those moments. I think for me, I had struggled to see for example topics to write about in the blog because I do worry that I will end up sounding like a broken record about things that I did that were similar to previous days.

Well, today I think that I found my answer because what I need to remember is that on days that I don’t talk about streamers and Youtubers, I should talk about the things that I have progress on. What I also learnt that is even though some of the things that happen to me might be similar, they will still be quite different because not every day where I do similar things have the same results or will happen the same. I think for me I was pressuring myself and what I need to do is that if on a day where I am not talking about a streamer or Youtuber, is that maybe talk about something that I have not spoke about before.

Moving on to today, I have been able to do quite a few projects and make some quite marvellous progress towards my May Motivation goals. The first key thing is that I have now finished all the reviews for the month of May, which is right on schedule with what I was planning. If you are wondering why I am building such a lead on reviews, it is because there are some games I plan to review that will take quite a bit of time to play through. These games are RPG’s and it is safe to say that in most cases, completing the game in a few hours is simply not possible. The stockpile of reviews will mean I can play some RPG’s that I have always wanted to review, but never had the time too.

The other piece of news is that next weekend’s blogs will be quite different because both of them will be about streamers and Youtubers because I will at a gaming festival in my hometown called Rapture Gaming Festival. I will be going with my Stream Team and I might even be streaming from the event, which means I simply won’t have the time nor the energy after both days to write blogs. I am really looking forward to this festival because it will be the first gaming focused festival I have ever been too and the fact it is in my hometown means that I won’t have to worry too much about travelling.

Overall, the past couple of days I have finally sorted out why I felt lost and nipped the problems in the bud. I have also been working even hard on projects because I have the positivity and the desire to do them. I am slightly ahead of schedule which I will need because of the festival I am going to next weekend.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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