04/05/2017 (Day 326: Professor Juice: She Has Got The Juice)

Today I would like to speak about an awesome reviewer on Youtube who I found to be one of the most likeable reviewers because she is such a bubbly character. I have realised that I haven’t spoken about too many reviewers in recent weeks mainly because I don’t follow all that many and the ones I do follow I have watched most of their content. I definitely think though that this reviewer stands out because her videos are very well scripted and are edited excellently. She is also the sister of a reviewer that I have spoken about previously, Caddicarus. The reviewer I will be talking about is Rosie Caddick or Professor Juice.

I found her watching all the old Caddicarus videos because she has made a lot of cameo appearances in them and about a year ago, I heard that she had her own review channel. After watching her first review, I could definitely tell that I would like her content because her style is similar to Caddicarus’ style, but she tackles games from a different angle. Her reviews have some skits in them, but I feel that there is a slightly more serious and focused approach to her reviews. I definitely have been enjoying her content because she does a lot of research before playing the games she covers and works hard on her videos. Also, the variety of games that she covers is quite vast and expansive with everything from Animal Crossing to Parappa The Rapper through to the most recent Resident Evil game. This variety really appeals to me because seeing someone’s perspective about games from lots of different genres and explain it the way that Rosie does it is mighty impressive.

I think one of the aspects of videos that I really like is that sometimes she leaves some bloopers in the videos and I think this really adds something extra to her content. I feel that the bloopers in the reviews are hilarious, but she also posts blooper reels from previous reviews. I think that these blooper reels really help add more to the channel because it shows that even though the review videos are well edited, that it shows that getting to that point can be harder and funnier.

The final aspect of Rosie’s channel that I really like are her series of bitesize reviews what she called Juicelets. These videos are more focused on a franchise, series or a game that would not fit the requirements of a full length review. These reviews are very focused on the game and tend to not have skits in them, but be purely about the game. I really like this videos because it allows her to express her feelings and memories towards a series and these videos are also unscripted, which is even more impressive.

Overall, check out Professor Juice on Youtube because her content is of a very high standard and she is an amazing personality. Even though, she doesn’t post too many videos, the standard of these videos and the effort that goes into them really shows. I think that you all owe it to yourself to check out her channel because she is a reviewer that is definitely worth your time.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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