03/05/2017 (Day 325: May Motivation Updates)

I thought that I would update you all on how the beginning of May Motivation month has been going for me because it is a huge thing that has been actually working for me. Within the first couple of days of the month beginning I have already beaten 4 of the games that I was planning to beat this week. The main outline for this aspect is that I am planning to beat between 5 and 7 games a week and this first week was 6 games. The great thing is that I am some freedom to move games around and remove games that I perhaps consider to not be interesting. However, this does not mean that I won’t be playing through bad games because that is part of why the reviews are so interesting to write. If I did reviews of good games, it would potentially boring for me and bad games will offer a balance to show what bad games look like. I am so far ahead of schedule on this front that I have actually had the opportunity to swap a game from a future week back to this week.

The thing I need to not do is burn out too quickly, which is why I have allowed myself freedom to swap out games that I don’t consider to be good reviews because one of the things that is important to me when I write a review, is for the game to have interesting things about it. If I reviews of games that I would not have a lot to say, then I feel that the review would be below my standards and not be long enough to be interesting. I do feel that the game I have been playing have quite a lot I can say about them, but I won’t be saying what games I have beaten because I don’t want the games to be spoiled.

Speaking of writing reviews, I am now 2 weeks ahead of the schedule, which at the moment is a good start, but I know I can continue to build a lead. The reason why I am working so hard on getting ahead of the reviews is because there are some games that I want to play in the future that could take me as long as 100 hours to beat. I want to play through these games definitely, but right now whilst I don’t have a backlog of reviews written or games that I can review, these longer titles are on the back burners.

Overall, my concept of May Motivation month is going really well so far, but I know that there is a lot of work still to do to achieve my goals for this month. If I can achieve these goals, then the reviews could be sorted for almost the rest of the year, which will allow me to play much longer games for reviews in the future.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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