02/05/2017 (Day 324: Cleydri: The Awesome Portuguese Panda)

The streamer I would like to speak about today is a great friend of mine who I have known for about 2 years now and she is a great streamer to watch and chill out with whenever she streams. I have been lately searching for streamers who are much more chilled out and play games that are less intense because even though I can watch many hours of speedrunning, after a while I sometimes need a streamer that I know are relaxing to watch. I think that the streamer I am talking about fits the bill really well and is such a polite person. The streamer I will be talking about is Cleydri, who I have watched since 2015.

I found Cleydri watching another Portuguese streamer who sadly does not stream anymore and Cley as I will refer to her raided this other Portuguese streamer. At the time, I was broadening my horizons and I was willing to watch and check out other streamers that sounded like they would be satisfy my intrigue. I think the first stream I watched of Cley’s was back when she was playing through the DLC content of Dark Souls II and as someone who previously had gotten angry with Dark Souls 1, watching Cley play Dark Souls 2 seemed interesting and it was. I think for me watching someone else succeed in a franchise that I otherwise simply could not deal with made me happy because I honestly wanted to play more Dark Souls, but could not muster up the determination to do so.

The first thing I noticed about Cley was how attentive she was to chat because she would stop at a safe point to read what the chat was talking about and she would chime in with her perspective on the topic. I really like this because she showed a real interest in the conversation that the chat was having and it also offered more perspective. The important thing is that she does not sacrifice the quality of the gameplay to be overly attentive because that is something would have turned me off from the stream. Cley creates this awesome balance of high quality gameplay and great chat interaction. Cley is another example of a streamer that plays a game that I have no interest in and makes the game looks fun to me because she streams mainly Guild Wars 2. I have no interest in MMO’s or MOBA style games, but as a backdrop for an awesome stream, I am more than happy to watch her even though I don’t have an interest in the game.

Finally, Cley has been a fantastic supporter of my stream because I am on her auto host list, which means if I go live, then she is actively hosting my stream and lets her followers know that I am a stream to check out. I have a few people who autohost me, but Cleydri is one of the streamers who always seems to autohost me and I can’t thank her enough for her support. The title of the blog is quite interesting as well because her layout of her channel is around pandas, so that answers any queries about the title.

Overall, check out Cleydri when she is live because she is an awesome streamer who is worthy of your time. She is sort of streamer that I can watch if I fancy watching something that is a bit more laid back and chilled out.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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