01/05/2017 (Day 323: May Motivation)

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to be changing a few things and my approach to what I will be doing in the month of May to make this month more successful. I think the reason why I am planning quite a few changes is because I understand now that I can work harder on playing more games for reviews, writing even better content in my blogs and getting even better times in my speedruns. It is safe to say that May with be an intense month where there will be a lot of projects that I will be working on because I am motivated to do more. I will be calling the month of May “May Motivation” because I am positive about what the month will have in store for the blog and the stream.

The first thing that I will be doing is playing a lot of different games for the reviews because after the 50th review, I currently have no other games that I am ready to review and if I leave it and not play any more games for reviews, I will run into issues with not having reviews. I have outlined and planned to play through 25 games in their entirety because I believe I have the ability to complete all of these games for reviews and some of them might not even get reviewed until the start of 2018. Now 25 games sounds really daunting because it is, but I know if I can keep up the motivation and the drive to succeed that I have shown before, then I know I can do this. The important thing for me is having the choice of reviews to write about because if I am limited in choice, then I might lose interest in writing a review about the games in question. The choice of games will allow me to decide if I want to write a review about a bad game that I have played or whether a good game would be a good option. This freedom to pick games will allow me to build the outline of the review schedule, as well as write them ahead of time.

Speaking of writing reviews and blogs, I am planning to build quite a sizeable lead in both because if I burn out on reviews, then at least I would have plenty prepared ahead of time. The last thing I want to do is burn out and have no content for you to read because I have been able to maintain the review and blog schedule really well in the past few months. The blogs about content creators I will be writing ahead of time because I will be speaking about 2 or 3 creators a week depending upon what blogs I am able to write within those weeks. I also find that writing blogs ahead of time allows me to have some topics prepared and I won’t run into the issues I used to have where blogs would be short, rushed and potentially boring. My standard for the blog and the reviews has risen alongside my ability to articulate myself better through writing and I don’t want to return to the 200-300 word rushed blogs of yesteryear because I should uphold the standards that I set myself.

The stream will be staying mainly the same, but I am hoping that once I have cleared a large amount of the other projects that I have planned for the month, I want to try experimenting with raising the amount of streams in a week from 2 to 3. The main reason why I want to do this is because it will allow me to do a gauntlet stream once every fortnight. I was initially planning to do 1 gauntlet stream a week, but the issue is that it would seem a bit too repetitive to do it once a week and it would allow more people to vote on the stream ahead of time, instead of leaving last minute like I have been doing.

Also, I will be working hard on maintaining the schedule instead of cancelling like I have been because my stream community has been growing lately since I joined a stream team. The thing I don’t want to do is say that I am streaming and then cancel because it might cause people to question whether I am a streamer that they want to watch. I know that my moderators and the heart of the community have been there through the tough times that I had at the start of the year and without them I perhaps would have retired from streaming altogether. I need to be more determined to succeed through streaming because I am getting close to 250 followers, which when I started out in May 2015, I never thought I would hit that number. However, if I continue to work hard and improve the stream wherever I can, then who knows what numbers I could hit because I believe that anything is possible through hard work. I look up to the people I follow on Twitch would are partnered and I think to myself that it took them hard work to hit those lofty heights. I understand that I won’t ever hit the lofty heights of 1000 followers or Twitch partnership, but I want to do everything I can to make the stream appealing to as wide of an audience as I can through my speedrunning content.

Speaking of speedrunning, I am planning to work even harder on getting better times in my speedruns, which means I will be switching up the amount of offline practice because I can’t improve through runs on stream alone. If I want to decimate my current Star Fox 2 Any% Normal world record even more and maybe push the game to the limit, then I will need to practice and maybe work on some weaknesses. This is definitely the case with Lester The Unlikely because there are only a couple of levels in that game where I am weak and I think that if I work hard on those weaknesses, then I could put my current personal bests to shame. That is the way I want to work with speedrunning, is to be able to look back and think and wonder why I ever accepted the games that I currently have, when I can reach for the sky even further and maybe find new strategies that could even improve the world record time.

I also need to derust Mickey Mania further because I know I can beat my personal best in that game because the amount of interest in me running the game has snowballed recently and I have missed speedrunning the game. The thing I need to remember is that Mickey Mania was the game that got me into the world of speedrunning and I feel that my current time does not do the game any justice. I also think that I should maybe try and challenge for the world record because with enough practice and understand of the glitches, then I could beat the world record with enough determination.

Overall, May will be an intense month because there is so much that I want to achieve and believe me, I will do everything in my power using every ounce of energy to achieve these goals. Whether it be losing a lot of weight, or improving my speedrunning personal bests, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, which is the case with everything in life. I understand know that I won’t get everything served to me on a silver platter and hard work and grafting is the best way to be successful. I think that the quality of my content will be going up because I really enjoy everything I do for the website and the stream and I am proud of what I have. However, I know that I can do more and whilst I have the free time to do more, that is exactly what I must do to succeed.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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