29/04/2017 (Day 321: LadyAderissa: Lady Of The Keep And An Awesome Streamer)

I decided that today I would speak about an awesome streamer that I have followed quite recently and I have really enjoyed her stream since I found her. Recently, I have been finding quite a few awesome streamers because I have been somewhat interested in some other streamers and expanding my circle of streamers who I watch. I have looked at quite a few different types of streamers with everything from creative streamers to streamers who specialise in playing one game. I found this streamer by having a looking at people on the Chillest who were live and I decided to check out her stream. The streamer that I am talking about is LadyAderissa and I think that her streams are amazing.

I found her about 2 weeks ago live on the Chillest and I saw that she was playing one of my favourite games Fallout 3 and she was streaming Fallout Shelter prior. Aderissa does what are called Fallout Friday, which begins with about 2 hours of Fallout Shelter to begin the stream, before shifting over very hard Fallout 3. I think this affinity with Fallout 3 was what was the initial draw and I will be honest, I was quite nervous speaking for the first time.

I don’t know why, but sometimes when I join a stream for the first time, there is this elements of nerves from me because I worry about how to introduce myself to a streamer. I think this is something that streamers like Aderissa help make easier because she is so welcoming of anyone to the stream, no matter if the person is new or has been a subscriber for a long time. Aderissa gives this feeling of equality to everyone, rather than showing preference to moderators or subscribers. This was the first thing I noticed about her and I eventually plucked up the courage to say I was a first time viewer to the channel and she welcomed me to the stream, but most importantly the community around Aderissa’s stream was really welcoming. I immediately felt comfortable in the stream and after about 30 minutes of watching, I felt like I had been there for much longer, which then lead to me following her.

Aderissa is such a cool streamer because she has something about her stream that resonated with me perfectly and that was the fact that the stream has a medieval feel to it. I have seen some streams where the emotes for the channel follow a theme, but an entire stream being themed and also the fact that Aderissa has a war horn for when people subscribe adds awesome touches. Her ability to interact with the chat and play whilst playing the war horn for subscribers is a quite a lot to think about at the same time, but Aderissa does this to perfection.

LadyAderissa’s stream for me is a rare occasion where I question why I had no checked out her stream much earlier because I first heard of her on the Chillest Podcast and from there is where I found other Chillest members like CiraCorellia, Spoonee and Pistachibow. For some reason, it took me a little bit longer to check out Aderissa’s channel and I do wish I found her stream earlier because she has fast become a streamer that I really enjoy watching and also her community is amazing.

Overall, definitely check out LadyAderissa’s channel because she is a streamer who is really enjoyable to watch and also her community is really welcoming. The variety of games she plays is great as well, meaning that there is something for everyone with her stream. She also a great person to interact with because she is such a happy, upbeat and positive streamer that if I ever feel down, she can cheer me up.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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