26/04/2017 (Day 318: I Got A New Star Fox 2 World Record And My Insane Speedrunning Form)

Yesterday, I decided to stream for a little while in the afternoon because I had some free time and recently I have been pushing to do three streams a week. I am not sure why but my approach to the speedruns during the day is somewhat different because I am more focused on getting world records because I have less time to stream and the streams in the day tend to be shorter. I am hoping however to shift to 3 night time streams, but I will need to organise my schedule so that I don’t stream 2 nights back to back and risk burning out.

On yesterday’s stream I achieved something that I have been trying to do for over a year and that is beat my Star Fox 2 Any% Normal world record. That time had stood for so long and I was beginning to think that I would never beat it because of the randomness that I would have to deal with to even get a chance of being on world record pace. However, I changed my approach and grinded out runs on the world record routes that I know are the quickest and all the runs were under 11:30, which is great. I beat my world record time by 3.5 seconds, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when I have been running the game 2 years and the category is super optimised like it is now, any time save is magnificent and also gratifying.

Lately as well I have been noticing that my consistency in terms of speedrunning has been at the best I think it has ever been. Lester The Unlikely is an example of my improving consistency because I am not making as many mistakes as I used to, which has allowed me to see what areas of the speedrun I am weakest at. This is vital knowledge because otherwise I would not be certain where the problem areas are and I now know that there are two key weaknesses in my game. Star Fox 2 has been great recently and I have been noticing that the amount of small mistakes I have been making has been declining quite rapidly. I really think that these two games are signs that I am improving as a speedrunner and I all I need to do is continue the good form into my other speedruns.

Overall, it is safe to say that I am in the speedrunning form of my life and I think that if I continue to work hard on the speedruns, then the form will continue. I am also hoping that my consistency will continue to improve, so that I know what times I can achieve theoretically on a consistent basis.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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