25/04/2017 (Day 317: PrincessProto: The Magical Speedrunner)

I have spoken about quite a few speedrunners lately in the blog,and today I would like to speak about a speedrunner who is extremely skilled in quite a few different games. I also have her to thank for introducing me to a couple of games that would go on to be games I would review in Liam’s Game Room. The more impressive thing about this speedrunner is that she also plays Tetris Grand Master and is really good at it, which is something that I have not seen from many other speedrunners I follow. Today I will be talking about PrincessProto.

I first found out about Proto’s stream from a fellow friend in the community, GarbanzoGuy (who I will be talking about in a future blog) who was speedrunning a game called Bubble Ghost for the Game Boy. The world record for this game went back and forth between Garbanzo and Proto and eventually decided to check out her stream. When I first watched her, I think she is was playing Super Mario World and this was at a time when I used to speedrun Super Mario World myself. Proto is so good at Super Mario World and she would take part in quite a few races. But, there was a couple of other aspects about her stream that I really like.

The first thing is that the games that she speedruns are across multiple consoles with everything from Mega Man 2 on the NES all the way to Tetris Grand Master on arcade. Her ability to speedrun so many games across multiple routes and remember all the routes takes a lot of knowledge and a great ability to understand multiple different mechanics across multiple games. Also, the games she speedruns she is really good because it is easy to be average at multiple games, but Proto goes above and beyond this and runs games at such a high quality.

The second thing is that without her introducing me to Ninja Gaiden Shadow and explaining certain things about the game to me, I would have not been able to review the game. I really like people who introduce me to awesome games through their streams and then I end up really enjoying it, which was the case with Ninja Gaiden Shadow. She is such a helpful person who is always willing to help other speedrunners improve their ability in the games that she knows. This is such a cool thing because Proto is sort of person who really likes competition within the community and actively encourages others to learn the games she speedruns.

Overall, Proto is simply a wonderful person and a high quality streamer who is worth checking out because she is an inspiration and a great supporter for me. The variety of games she speedruns means that there will be something for everyone to watch.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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