24/04/2017 (Day 316: Speedrunning Changes)

After I completed my speedrunning gauntlet on stream Saturday and I got a personal best in Kirby’s Dream Land, I came to the realisation that there are more games that I expected that I have potential to improve my personal bests in. It is not just the potential in these speedgames that I have realised, it is the fact that I have also missed speedrunning these games because these games helped me build the foundation of what would be my community. So, I will be explaining some changes that you will see in both my streaming and my speedrunning.

The first game I will mention is Mickey Mania, which was the 4th game on my speedrunning gauntlet. When this game was one of the game that I chose, I was starting to regret it because it had been nearly 2 years since I last did any speedruns of the game seriously. However, I remembered so much more than I was even expecting to because most of the route of the game came back to me quite quickly. I definitely will be bringing this game into my main speedgames because I really enjoyed the speedrun of it even though I failed to beat it on Saturday. I want to see how far I can push the game and maybe even challenge for the world record.

The next game that I will mention is Tetris 2, which is a game that I ran for a couple of months before dropping the game. I feel that this game could be a great way either to start a stream or a great way to end the stream. Tetris 2 is the perfect bookend game because grinding out hours of attempts won’t make any sense because of how short the speedrun is. Tetris 2 is the only game that I speedrun that is under 5 minutes and grinding out 20 to 30 attempts would both get boring for me and for the viewer. I will be adding this game simply as a way to either warm up before I do other speedgames or a way to cool down after intense speedrunning.

The final game of note is Kirby’s Dream Land, which I speedran for a few weeks as a side project and a way to take a break from Star Fox 2. However, I do feel that I have the potential to get a much better time because the fact that the first run that I did in a year was a personal best surely shows that there is more I can do with this game. I am planning to get sub 15 for starters and then take it from there and Kirby will be a game I can switch to if I am struggling with attempts of another game.

Star Fox 2 and Lester The Unlikely will be the two main games alongside Mickey Mania, however with the other Star Fox 2 categories at this point, I think that I will stick to any% Normal until I have got a sub 10:30 in the category. I want to grind out this category and be able to say that there is literally no more I can do in the category before returning to Any% Hard. I did any% Hard out of intrigue and now that Oyster is working hard on optimising and routing Any% Expert, there is no point in me doing anything apart from any% Normal because I would be going into the category blind. Also, I would rather push any% normal to the max before focusing on the next difficulty because I don’t want to leave any% Normal unoptimised.

Overall, there is quite a few changes happened in terms of speedrunning and this is because I enjoy a lot of speedruns and I want to make sure that my stream has a lot of variety. Obviously, Mickey Mania, Star Fox 2 and Lester The Unlikely will be the 3 main games, with the other games I mentioned being backup games if I feel that runs are not going my way.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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