23/04/2017 (Day 315: This Has Been A Fantastic Week)

I can’t recall a week in the last couple of months for me that has been either as fantastic or full of good things happening to me. The first thing that happened this week was that I lost another 2lbs on my diet, which means that for the first 2 weeks I have lost a total of 10lbs. This for me is a huge step because I have tried for so long to lose weight and everytime I tried previously, it has either fallen apart quickly or I lost interest. However, this Weight Watchers diet I have been on has helped me to no end in terms of still being allowed things that I used to overindulge in, but consumption in moderation. For me, it used to be that I either cut everything back too far or be too ambitious towards what I was hoping to achieve. With this diet configuration it has allowed me to create a happy medium between what I used to consume and what I consume now. I am hoping to continue working hard on this diet because it is helping me grow my body confidence, which is something that I have not had at all previously.

The second big thing that happened to me this week was that I joined a Twitch Team called Streamers Connected. I have spent so long trying to find a Twitch Team that would accept it onto their team because I have always felt like I was too small to be part of the infrastructure of a Twitch Team. However, the fact that I have joined a team that were more than happy to have me is such a big step because it means that my channel will now get more exposure and could have the potential to grow my community more than I was expecting this year.

The final awesome thing that happened to me this week was the fact that I got 3 personal bests in my speedgames this week. This for me is simply unheard of and it is also amazing that it was two different games that these personal bests are spread between. I got 2 Lester The Unlikely personal bests and finally got under 20 minutes, which is something I have working hard at getting for the past couple of weeks. I also got a personal best in Kirby’s Dream Land, which is a game I derusted last night during my Speedrunning Showcase/ Gauntlet.

Overall, I will be speaking more about my speedrunning plans in tomorrow’s blog because since I spoke about the plans earlier this week, there have been some factors that have changed my feeling towards some of my speedruns. I mean, there are a couple of old speedgames that are returning as main speedgames for me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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