21/04/2017 (Day 313: Yunakitten: The Cute Canadian Kitten)

Today I would like to talk about an awesome Canadian streamer who I find really entertaining and I think she deserves a lot more viewers and followers than she currently gets. This streamer strikes a very nice balance between speedrunning, playthroughs and multiplayer games, which is a tough balance to maintain. There are a lot of streamers that either do speedrunning as well as playthroughs or speedrunning as well as multiplayer games. However, balancing these three aspects into a stream and making sure that the streamer is appealing to a wide variety of different viewer types is something really awesome. The streamer that I will be talking about is none other than Yunakitten.

I first found Yuna I think watching Skybilz or Authorblues and she was a fellow moderator. The first time I watched her stream was back in 2015 when she was speedrunning Super Mario World and she was participating in the 96 exit weekly race. At the time, I was quite an avid fan of the Super Mario World speedrun, which recently has faded because I have been able to explore the wide variety of speedruns and I tend to be more interested in less known games as speedruns. I really enjoyed her stream and I decided to follow her because I liked her personality and she was good at Super Mario World speedrunning. At the time, I was not expecting Yuna to eventually become a friend of mine and now one of the coolest streamers.

Yuna has a lot about her and her stream that I really like and I will start by saying that her Canadian accent is simply awesome. Sometimes, she switches to French, which even though I don’t know any French, I can’t help but adore the accent. She is a really interactive streamer who is not afraid to have a joke and a giggle with the chat. The most important thing though regarding the jokes and laughs is that she has a sixth sense in terms of knowing when a joke either has gone on too long or is detracting from the stream. Her variety of content with everything from speedrunning to multiplayer games means that there is always something for everyone and that is quite rare in the realm of streaming. The old phrase of “you can’t please everyone all the time” is not the case with Yunakitten because she is able to stream content that everyone will like.  She is also a great friend who is always willing to have a chat and laugh.

Overall, definitely check out Yunakitten because she is worth your time and your follow. She is just a bundle of fun to watch and play multiplayer with and I think that she deserves so many more followers and viewers than she currently gets.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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