20/04/2017 (Day 312: Had 2 World Record Chances And Speedrunning Potential)

I streamed some Lester The Unlikely last night as I planned to because I am looking to improve my personal best to under 20 minutes and I know I have the potential to do so. My sum of bests, which are the best times that I have achieved for each level in the game total up to just over 17 minutes and means I can save as much as 3 minutes compared to my best time. I like the fact that I have some potential in this game because Star Fox 2 in any% Normal feels like I have been banging my head against a brick wall, but the fact that I have the potential to improve quite substantially is something that I am not used to.

It is safe to say that the Lester The Unlikely attempts sadly did not go to plan because I completed one full run, which was a personal best chance that I sadly made some mistakes in. This meant that the only full run I did was 21:06, which upon reflection is actually quite a decent run considering my current skill level and personal best. My current personal best is 20:47 and I know that if I do one level better where I lost about 1 and a half minutes then I can get under 20 minutes and maybe under 19 minutes. It is safe to say that I am quite happy that I am getting somewhere with Lester The Unlikely considering it was less than 2 weeks ago that I derusted the game and decided to return to speedrunning it.

I think the thing that I need to change when I am speedrunning Lester The Unlikely is to not be so hard on myself because my problem is the standards of runs that I aim for in Star Fox 2 have transferred to Lester. What I need to remember is that I am still quite new to the speedrun of the game and pick out the things that I did well and work on improving my weaknesses. I need to remember that the standards that I hit in Star Fox 2 is because I have been speedrunning Star Fox 2 for nearly 2 years and Lester The Unlikely only 2 weeks. It is safe to say that Lester The Unlikely is my second main speedgame and I am looking to continue to improve in the game in future streams.

For the second half of the stream, I decided to return to Star Fox 2 even though I said previously that I was going to take a break from it. However, I decided to do some any% Normal runs because I had been spending a lot of time on any% Hard and the hard category was the catalyst for me taking a break. I am so glad that I did some any% Normal runs because I found an extra 10 seconds on the first split and it is safe to say that any% Normal is quite an optimised category for me. This discovery and route change, alongside other optimisations that I have found lately mean that I can save 30 seconds potentially from my world record time of 10:45.7.

Alongside these discoveries, I have two runs in a row that were on world record pace, but because I hadn’t ran Star Fox 2 for a couple of weeks, I was a little bit rusty. It is safe to say world record chances don’t come along too often for me and when they do, I tend to struggle to keep everything in check. However, now that I know that I have the potential to get the any% Normal time as low as 10:15 should be the inspiration I need to work even harder on the game. What I need to do is make sure that I don’t lose all the momentum that I have gained in Lester The Unlikely, but not forget about the potential in Star Fox 2. These two games alongside the fact that I want to return to some old speedgames that I have wanted to derust for some time and the fact that I want to learn some new games means that my speedrunning options are there if I wish to explore them.

I have not been in a position in quite some time where there have been so many games to pick from to speedrun. The main reason for this is because my sole focus was Star Fox 2 and games like Tetris 2 and Lester The Unlikely I considered to be nothing more than side projects so that I didn’t get burnt out on Star Fox 2. However, now that I have some potential in Lester The Unlikely, I am not wondering what my potential could be in the games I used to speedrun.

For example in Super Mario Land 2,I know I can save a decent amount of time compared to my personal best, but the final level has always been my achilles heel. I really enjoy the speedrun of the game because previously when I ran Super Mario World, I always felt that I was not good enough to run Mario games. However, once I learnt the Super Mario Land 2 route, I felt that I was at least decent at the game. Super Mario Land 2 was another game that fell foul to Star Fox 2 being my primary speedgame and now that there is a randomiser for the game, I do have some reason to maybe derust the game.

Mickey Mania was a game that I speedran 2 years ago, but once I found Star Fox 2, I shelved the game and never returned to the game. I know that I can get a much better time in Mickey Mania, but I have not had much reason to return to the game because the previous runners that made up the community have sadly stopped running the game. I think the only reason why I would return to the game would be to reignite the community and maybe get some new people to run the game and reestablish the community.

Kirby’s Dream Land was the other Game Boy speedrun I picked up alongside Super Mario Land 2 and the main reason for me running this game was because I played the game a lot as a child and I was quite familiar with the game. It is safe to say I had to relearn everything I knew about the game because the speedrun is quite technical compared to a standard playthrough. The main reason I dropped this game was because I had 2 PB’s rejected because I would increase the amount of lives I had on the select screen, which is not allowed, which meant I went from a sub 15 run down to mid 18. When this happened, I lost my passion for the speedrun, but I would love to return to it at some point this year because the speedrun is really enjoyable.

The final game I will mention is Tetris 2, which initially was just a fun side project that I really enjoyed running, however I never understood the timing for when I stop the timer. I also speedran this for a marathon and the run actually decently well, but once again this fell foul to Star Fox 2 taking priority. I think that this game would be a good game to run to maybe end a stream because runs of the category I did would only take about 5-6 minutes. I might return to this game, but if I do, it will be solely to bookend the streams and add some variety.

Overall, yesterday’s stream went quite well and I understand what my potential is in Lester The Unlikely and Star Fox 2. The stream also made be realise that in all the games I have speedran in the past, that there could be potential for me to return to the games because if I can improve like I have in Lester The Unlikely, then who knows how much potential could be unlocked in other games. However, what I need to do is make sure that I have no more than 4 speedrunning projects going at once because I don’t want to run too many games and potentially affect the quality of the main speedgames.

I did stream today and got the Sub 20 that I wanted in Lester The Unlikely and got a 19:38.7, which makes me happy.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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