18/04/2017 (Day 310: Radioactive_Rat: The Rat That Previously Kicked My Butt)

Today I would like to talk about the streamer that first introduced me to the game that I now consider to be my second speedgame, Lester The Unlikely. This particular streamer is simply a fantastic streamer who is quite well known for speedrunning games that can be considered either really difficult games or games that are really bad. I have even been inspired to check out some of the games that she has speedrun in the past to see if the game interested me as a speedrun, which apart from Lester The Unlikely has not been the case, mainly because Space Ace for the SNES is so bad. The name of this awesome streamer and great friend of mine is Radioactive_Rat.

For those who have followed the blog for quite some time now, you will know that the first time I mentioned Rattie (which is what I will call her for the rest of the blog) was when she kicked my butt back in Day 157 when she beat me in Super Mario World Randomiser. Me and Rattie have raced quite a few time in the past couple of years because she is such a nice person to race and has such a warm personality. Rattie has also been there to offer me advice when it comes to speedrunning and how to deal with getting frustrated at speedrunning because before my mentality changed, I would get really angry when speedruns go wrong. However, after speaking with Rattie and understanding why I would get so frustrated I learnt how to maintain my composure when runs don’t go my way.

There is one lesson though that Rattie taught me through her speedruns that is something that I have taken into my speedrunning decisions and that is some bad games can be really fun speedruns. Beforehand, I would only speedrun games that were considered to be really good games, however as I learnt with Super Mario World, good games can make for frustrating and difficult speedruns. What I learnt about Lester The Unlikely and it is the key reason why I really like the game is that the game as a speedrun is really fun because the speedrun optimises the sometimes awkward mechanics and makes the game have a great feeling of speed and momentum that playing the game normally would not offer.

Rattie also does some creative streams in the form of baking biscuits and cookies, which if I am not wrong makes her the only stream I follow that has some cooking content. The thing I love about these streams is that you see the cookies being made stage by stage and Rattie explains how she makes them. Sometimes with cooking streams, they simply show the cookies being made without explaining the ingredients or what the next stage of the recipe is. This makes these streams feel like an interactive cookery show and the viewers can even ask for recommendations or ideas for their own cooking as well, which I think is really awesome.

Overall, check out Radioactive_Rat on Twitch because she is a fantastic streamer, who is definitely worth your time. She has such a warm personality and she makes everyone feel welcome. Perhaps the most important thing, she has a great sense of humour and is always willing to have a joke and a chat.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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