17/04/2017 (Day 309: The Joy Of Painting)

In a change of pace, I have decided today to talk about a television show that is actually streamed on Twitch in mini marathons, so it is tangentially related to video games and streaming. Back in 2015, Twitch launched a new area of streaming where streamer could have the choice to stream something called Creative, which allows streamers to paint, make perlers and do other forms of art. For example, since Creative launched, I have done a couple of music composition streams to add variety, even though in the past few months I have not done any Creative streams. I think the reason why is because I feel less pressured to make progress with my projects because sometimes when I am dedicating time to music projects, the creativity just doesn’t flow effectively.

Ever since Creative launched, I have found quite a lot of streamers that either are centred around Creative, such as perlers and cross stitching to Monstercat, which is a 24/7 radio station around the Monstercat record label. Creative has been great since it was introduced because the streams tend to be much more relaxed and for me, a place to go when I don’t want to watch gaming content. These creative streams also have been inspirational for me because watching someone make something awesome rubs well on me, and then after I watch the Creative stream, I want to be creative myself.

When Creative was launched in 2015, the way that Twitch launched it was by having a marathon of a painting show from the 80’s and 90’s called The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross. I had never watched anything from this TV show before because it was not really broadcast much in the UK and when it is, I was too young to watch or remember it. When the launch of Creative was going on, I was curious to see what the TV show was about and I was surprised that I really enjoyed it because of how relaxing I found the show to be. Bob Ross has such a soothing voice and the simplistic nature of how he paints is also quite relaxing. I have fallen asleep multiple times to this show because it is the sort of show that could relax me after a busy or difficult day.

Overall, definitely check out The Joy Of Painting either on Twitch where there are regular mini marathons of the show or on Youtube, where there is an official Youtube channel where every episode has been uploaded.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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