16/04/2017 (Day 308: State Of The Website And What To Expect This Week)

I have decided that today I would talk about the state of the website and where I am in terms of blogs and reviews because I think it might be a good idea every once in a while to explain where I am progress wise and how the website has been going. Lately, viewer numbers have been on the rise by about 50% per blog with the original average blog hitting about 4 reads. As of late, that number has been at about 6 and when I do blogs about content creators, I have a lot more people read it. The reason why I do the content creator blogs is simply because I want to show my appreciation to a streamer or a Youtuber that I have been watching who I have enjoyed their content. I can easily comment on a video or mention it in the stream of the content creator, but I feel writing a blog about them means I can truly say how much I enjoy their content. However, I have been making sure that the blog doesn’t become a blog simply about everyone that I enjoy watching because I feel that it might take away from some of the personal things that I like to talk about. For example, if I wrote about nothing but content creators, I would have been able to share my news about losing weight on my diet or improving my speedrunning times.

The thing I have been doing is striking a balance where 2 or 3 times a week I speak about awesome content creators or streamers on Twitch, but this will be mainly twice a week from now on because I don’t want to burn out on the amount of content creators that I recommend. If I shifted the blog focus to nothing but content creators, then the feeling of it being my personal blog might be lost and that is something that is paramount to the growth and continuation of the blog.

The next thing to bring up is how close I am to the one year anniversary of the blog. I want to guarantee everyone that even once I hit one year of the blog, which is still crazy to think about, the blog will be carrying out because I really enjoy writing now. The sole reason why I started a blog was because I was terrible at writing and my articulation in expressing myself through both speech and text was quite poor. Just because I have improved my ability to express myself through this medium doesn’t mean that the journey need to end because it simply doesn’t. It is you, the readers of the blog that have kept me motivated, even if in the start I didn’t know how to promote the blog or really how to grow the blog.

The next topic is the state of the Liam’s Game Room reviews, which lately have been surprising me. When I started the reviews, I initially did it as a side project to the Daily Blog, with the daily entries mainly being the most viewed content on my website. However, as of late the reviews have been taking off in a way that I was not expecting and in many situations have been outperforming the blogs. This came as a surprise initially, but now I understand that as I have evolved the blog and made the blog mainly about gaming with some aspects of my personal life being a part of it, I can see why the interest in reviews have been rising. As it currently stands, I am now 2 weeks ahead on reviews with the next 2 Saturdays reviews being already written and ready to publish on their requisite Saturdays. My goal of getting ahead of reviews have come to fruition and I am hoping to continue to build a lead on the reviews, which will then allow me to play through some games that I have wanted to for quite some time. I am also looking to play some games that I have been recommended within my community because my knowledge of game console libraries is of course limited.

Which brings me onto my final topic of what to expect from me this upcoming week. The review is of course ready to go, although I will double check myself to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, which I normally am quite good about fixing. I will be continuing to write these reviews because it allows me to catch up on podcasts whilst I write them.

In terms of music, for those of you who follow my Facebook page, you will know that I mentioned to expect a new remix from me the week just gone. I am still working on that project and had some technical issues with my music writing software being a pain in the backside. I have fixed this issues and the remix should be completed hopefully by the end of the week because I haven’t published a remix for over 2 months. I do have ideas for at least one more remix at this point, but I am definitely keeping an eye out for more remix projects. In terms of my first album, that is currently on hold indefinitely because I want to improve my remixing ability and get more experienced in terms of the stages of composition before taking the plunge.

Finally, my streaming schedule for this week is the normal Wednesday and Saturday streams starting at between 2pm-3pm EST and there will not be any Star Fox 2 this week. I have decided to take a step away from Star Fox 2 for a couple of weeks because I feel that I need to recharge my batteries before going hard in the game again. I have been working so hard in the 2 categories that I feel like I didn’t step away from the game, I would burn out seriously, which was the reason at the start of 2017, I had a 2 month streaming hiatus. Instead, I will be working hard on Lester The Unlikely, which is now my second speedgame alongside Star Fox 2 because I am really enjoying the speedrun and as I mentioned yesterday, I feel like I am getting better at the game. With Star Fox 2, I will be returning to it at the end of the month because I will need to practice for potentially 3 or 4 speedrunning marathons. I might also look at a game or two I used to speedrun and maybe derust one of them, so that I have more main speedgames, therefore meaning even more variety of games on my casts. I definitely am looking forward to seeing what time I can achieve in Lester The Unlikely as I have the potential to get a low 17 or a high 16 time based upon my best splits.

There will be a question that is normally raised about me playing casual games on stream like I used to and the simple answer to that question is that I am not interested in doing casual games on my stream. The main reason for this is that I don’t stream more than twice a week normally and I want to utilise every moment of these streams to improve my speedrun times and I feel that casual games can be played offline for reviews.

Overall, I am really happy with the state of the website currently because numbers are now somewhat consistent, but I would love to continue to grow the blog. The easiest way that this can be done is by you sharing the blog with people you think will be interested in it. However, I am not the sort of person who obsesses about numbers and I will make drastic decisions to get the most possible views. I am excited to see how much of the remix I can get done because my goal is to finish it this week, but if I don’t then I will inform you all on Saturday. Streaming lately has been a lot of fun and I am happy that I am taking a needed break from Star Fox 2 because I felt like I was burning out hard. Thankfully, Lester The Unlikely will mean that I will still be speedrunning and I won’t be disappearing from streaming.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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