15/04/2017 (Day 307: Diet Weigh In Results And New PB)

I mentioned on Thursday that I came to the end of my first week of my diet and that my weigh in was yesterday, but I completely forgot to mention it in yesterday’s blog. I think the reason why I didn’t mention it was because I wanted yesterday’s entry to be focused on the content creator that I was talking about and I felt if I mentioned the weigh in as well, then the blog entry would have been way too long. Anyways, I was weighed yesterday morning like I will be every Friday morning for the tenure of my diet and to my shock and my surprise I had lost 8lb of weight within a week. To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent of losing 1lb per day in that week, which I was both overjoyed about and shocked at the same time. I was overjoyed because of the sheer amount of weight I was able to lose in such a short period of time, but shocked that I had the potential to lose weight as a drastic rate.

I will continuing on the journey of this diet because I know I can become healthy by continuing and controlling my urges to overeat as I want to make steps forward rather than fall back into old habits. I have broken these bad habits, however it is only 9 days ago that these habits were broken, which means that they would be reactivated very easily. I won’t let this happen because I am focused on making my body my temple and do everything to make sure that I do not let my food issues from the past resurge and control me.

In more positive news, I have recently been derusting a speedrun that I had not done for close to a year. The main reason why I returned to this game was because I did a viewer vote to see what game the community wanted me to play Wednesday night and surprisingly Lester The Unlikely got chosen and won comfortably. I did some attempts Wednesday night with literally no success and I worried that I had forgotten everything about the speedgame, until yesterday morning where I did a much earlier stream than normal. However, unlike other streams where I do speedrunning I actually decided to do practice before and at the start of the stream to see whether it made any difference to my ability and it definitely did.

As the stream continued, my confidence continued to grow and I noticed that I was getting better at the game, which during the length of a stream tends to not be the case. I normally notice improvements after a few streams of speedrunning a game, but for some reason I was finding my feet again and also improving more than I was expecting at a pace I hadn’t seen before. I even managed to get 2 personal bests which I have not done within one stream for over a year and I am really happy that I was able to improve my times.

Overall, weight loss and speedrunning success has put me in a really positive mood and I am looking forward to continuing both my diet and my speedrunning success. This positivity is vital because if I was feeling down, then the diet would risk going off the rails, which won’t happen as long as I am positive.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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