14/04/2017 (Day 306: SanGillespie: The Queen Of Silent Hill Speedrunning)

I will admit that my love of Silent Hill means that I have watched a good amount of different speedrunners run a variety of games from the franchise throughout the past few years, but there is one speedrunner that I have gone back to over and over again because I find her streams to be really entertaining. The speedrunner has speedran every Silent Hill game I believe including later titles such as Homecoming and Shattered Memories, as well as dabbled in Final Fantasy 9 speedruns. She is an amazing person and she goes by the name of SanGillespie and I believe she is the queen of Silent Hill speedrunning.

I found her over 3 years ago when I was watching another speedrunner who sadly doesn’t stream or speedrun anyone and I think the channel was raided by SanGillespie. What I mean by a raid is someone basically recommends another similar streamer to them to watch after the said person has finished streaming themselves. This was back in 2014 where hosting a channel I believe was still not a thing until at least 2015. I think me and San got talking about Silent Hill speedrunning and she mentioned that she also speedran Silent Hill 2, which was the game that I was watching at the time. After some conversation, I decided that I would follow her and check out her stream because at the time I was still quite curious about speedrunning and how different speedrunners played the same game.

I cannot remember the first stream I watched of San’s, but I ended up really enjoying it because I believe she did some races with other members of the Silent Hill community and these races were great to watch. She has a great personality and is great at welcoming and making new people to the stream feel welcome. The thing that I do like is that even though San doesn’t mind having a laugh with the chat, she is quick to make sure that things don’t get out of hand. There have been stream that I have watched in the past where the chat was joking with the caster and things got so far out of hand that it started to have an effect on the caster. San makes sure that this doesn’t happen and I think this is a massive positive because she can tell when things are getting too crazy and she nips it in the bud before it gets even worse. Her speedrunning quality is extremely high and she is always happy to explain tricks and glitches that she does during the run for anyone who doesn’t know, which allows people who are new to the stream to understand what is going on. San is such an accommodating streamer and is a wonderful person who I feel deserves a lot more Twitch followers than she currently has because she is just a great streamer who is really likeable.

Overall, definitely check out SanGillespie when she is live because she is a streamer that really cares about the quality of her speedruns, as well as the community. She is also a wonderful friend of mine who throughout my speedrunning life I have been able to speak to for advice regarding speedrunning tips.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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