13/04/2017 (Day 305: End Of Week One Of Diet)

Today marks the end of the first week of the diet that I started and I have decided that it would be good to reflect upon things have changed within the space of a week. The first thing that I changed since the beginning of the diet was the fact that I have been buying and eating less junk food. The issue I had before I started this diet was that I was buying unnecessary food because I felt sorry for myself and I felt like my health was spiralling downhill. I barely ate any fruit and the only exercise was during my job.

The changes I have made to deal with this issue is that my diet is point controlled and the points are calculated by how healthy the food is in terms of fat, sugar, protein and a bunch of other things. This means that I have been able to eat meals that fill me up more and in some cases, I have been allowed some junk food, but the major difference is that is in moderation, rather than stuffing my face. I have been changing the junk food snacking with actually eating quite a wide variety of different fruit, eating everything from apples to bananas. Before the diet I had very rarely eaten fruit or vegetables and now I really enjoy eating them because they are extremely filling. This major change has really helped me because it means that I have more energy even though I didn’t have much energy for the first couple of days. However, my energy levels in the past few days have been rising and I have been able to play Wii Sports, which whilst some people might not consider it true exercise, I actually do work up a sweat playing it for about an hour. I was looking to go walking, but I don’t really have the confidence to go out into public and go walking because I do worry about people heckling me. What I mean by this is when I used to go jogging, people would occasionally honk their car horn at me and it would affect my ability to focus, hence why Wii Sports has been a great replacement in the meantime.

The second thing that I have changed is the fact that I have more energy, the healthier diet has allowed me to focus a lot on the website and the reviews, so much so that I am currently 3 weeks ahead on the reviews. The review I am currently working on is the first review of May, which is the furthest ahead I have ever been. I am hoping however to continue to get further ahead because there are quite a few games that I want to play, but until the reviews are out of the way, the games are on the back burners for now.

Overall, it is safe to say that my diet lately has been going really well and I am hoping that my weigh in tomorrow will show that I have lost some weight. I haven’t felt this good in so long and I wish for it to continue.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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