12/04/2017 (Day 304: Ashens: The King Of Tat Reviews)

I decided today to cover a Youtuber for a change because recently I have been talking a lot about Twitch Streamers and I need to remember that I also watch quite a bit of Youtube content. Recently, I have been increasing the amount of Youtube content that I have been watching because I normally like having some sort of video on in the background whilst I settle down to sleep and this Youtuber is my number one choice for this. The wide variety of different things that this Youtuber has covered, everything from video games to poundland reviews to out of date food reviews, there is something for everyone. This Youtuber is a British reviewer and goes by the name of Ashens.

I am not 100% sure how I first found Ashens’ Channel but I remember that the first video I watched was the Polystation 3 review, which is a knock off LCD game that put in a similar looking shell to a Playstation 3. I was actually amazed by what sort of style Ashens went for because it was a review that was completely different because the camera was never pointed at Ashens directly at any point in the review. The review style is that Ashens is behind the camera and all the viewer sees of him is his hands, a brown sofa and his hands reviewing the content. I found this sort of review to be extremely unique because rather than relying on facial reaction showing how he feels about the product, he does it through his voice. I also find that these reviews are more focused because there is no distractions of wobbly cameras trying to focus on the face of the reviewer, Ashens camera is always stable and it focuses solely on the product.

The sort of reviews Ashens does varies from out of date food all the way to obscure game consoles and handhelds. He has done a lot of food reviews with foods from Poundland or out of date food that were sent to him previously. These reviews are hilarious because he has the bravery in a lot of situations to eat food that many people would run a million miles away from because of how out of date the food is. He has eaten food that has been 45 years out of date, which is extremely dangerous, but quite intriguing because it is amazing to see how food survive long after they should have been consumed. So, it almost ends up like a science experiment to see how the food have changed over the years and decades and also how it tastes.

I have actually met Ashens twice before at Comic Conventions in 2015 and I have 3 of his t-shirts, which are all super comfortable. When I first met him I was quite nervous because he was someone who I really liked and I was worried that I was going to act like a fan boy and become too nervous to speak. However, this wasn’t the case because he is such a great person when you meet him and he is always willing to sign posters that people bought from his stand. He also allowed me to take a couple of selfie photos with him where he made some funny faces and made the photo even more memorable. I would really like to meet him again at another convention because he is such a genuine and down to earth person.

Overall, definitely check out Ashens on Youtube because the reviews he does have a huge amount of variety and are always entertaining. There has never been a video of his that he has done that I have not liked because the quality of his content is so high. They are also done in one take rather than having lots of edits, which gives the video a really natural progression.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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