11/04/2017 (Day 303: AngieYuna: The Princess Of Final Fantasy And Perlers)

This will be only the second time in this blog that I have spoken about a streamer friend of mine who has Creative streams as part of their main Steam content. I actually really enjoy watching Creative streamers because it is seeing the progress and someone’s journey taking simple things like paintbrushes, perls and wool into wonderful works of creative art. As a music composer and remixes myself, I know what it is like to take this sort of journey and I have considered streaming music creation, but I prefer to keep my stream to be mainly gaming content. I do prefer watching others create amazing things because it is quite inspirational for me to think about actually making music or being generally creative. It is quite funny that I watch a balance of creative and gaming because I used to always lean to gaming as it was the only option on Twitch about a year ago. I definitely think that Creative content has been a welcome addition to Twitch because it allows me to watch more relaxed streamers and Creative streams if I don’t feel like watching games. Today’s streamer ticks both of those boxes as being a great Creative streamer, as well as amazing speedruns of Final Fantasy X. This streamer is AngieYuna and she is a great friend of mine.

I found her stream whilst watching Skybilz I think and she was watching the stream and her Twitch name at the time Yuna92Raichu caught my eye because I remember seeing the name as a GDQ Event. I decided to drop her a follow because I then remembered who she was and then proceeded to check out her stream. I really like her channel because the speedruns she does, whilst being of mostly longer games like Earthbound and Final Fantasy, the speedruns are really entertaining. She is always talking with chat and interacts in such a way that she doesn’t get distracted from the game. There have been occasions where I have check out some streamers and their focus would have shifted too much from the game and it affects the quality of gameplay sometimes. AngieYuna’s stream is nothing like this because she is able to shift the focus to the chat occasionally when there is downtime in the speedruns and whenever she has a chance. She is extremely likeable and someone that is always willing to chat after a stream with me and she is just an awesome friend.

Overall, if you are looking for an RPG speedrunners who is extremely likeable and very creative, then AngieYuna is the streamer for you because she really cares about the quality of her streams, as well as the welfare of her community.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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