09/04/2017 (Day 301: Beuchiism: One Of The Coolest European Streamers)

I realised recently that quite a lot of the streamers and speedrunners I have spoken about have been mainly American streamers and today I have decided to rectify that by talking about an awesome Spanish speedrunner. I found her by pure accident in the beginning of 2014 after having a growing interest in Playstation speedrunners and that is how I found her channel. The streamer and speedrunner I will be talking about who I consider to be an awesome friend is none other than Beuchiism or Beuchi for short.

The first stream I watched of hers was I believe an Ape Escape 3 speedrun and it was a game that I had not seen at all previously. After watching for a little while, I could see that she was a skilled Ape Escape 3 speedrunner and I decided to bop the follow button because she was a streamer that I wanted to check out some more. I then I think saw her do some Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon speedruns and I was hooked because she ran and still does the first 3 games of each franchise. To remember that much information about entire franchises and sometimes run the games back to back takes some incredible ability and memorisation. One of the other games which she has speedrun is a game from my childhood by the name of Croc: Legend of The Gobbos. She is quite good at this game and so much better than I could ever wish for and really enjoy it. The final game she used to speedrun, which I ended up getting for my own gaming collection is ICO and my word, Beuchi got really good at the game. I definitely think Beuchi is a talented speedrunner who has speedran quite a lot of different games.

I think the reasons why I have watched Beuchi for quite a few years now is because to begin with she has one of the cutest accents I have ever heard. She is Spanish and she speaks really good English and I really like her accent. She is such a welcoming streamer and one that really focuses on completing quite a lot of runs, which was the inspiration for me going from a reset heavy channel to a no reset channel. So thank you Beuchi for inspiring me to change my approach to speedrunning, as it has helped me out a lot. Beuchi is extremely likeable and she is really caring about her chat, which is a massive plus for anyone who is new to her channel. I also think that her ability to concentrate heavily on speedrunning, whilst still engage with the chat is awesome.

Overall, definitely check out Beuchi on Twitch because she is a speedrunner of huge quality and she is such an awesome person and friend. She is simply one of the best European streamers and she does a great job of making everyone feel welcome no matter whether you are new or have followed for many years.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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