08/04/2017 (Day 300: New Diet Going Very Well)

Yesterday was the first day that I actually decided to go a full on diet because the previous diets that I have been on I would not consider actual “diets”. The issue I have had with previous diets is that I had no idea how to approach the diet or really understand the small details of how the diet should function. The major problem is that the lack of structure in terms of approaching the diets would mean that within a week, the diet would have failed and I would be back to square one wondering what would be the best way to lose weight. I think recently my eating habits have been getting worse and worse and I have been gaining weight, which is actually my worst nightmare. I was weighed yesterday and I am at the heaviest I have been in my life at 258 pounds (18 st 6lbs or 117KG) and this was an accurate weigh in. Previous weigh in have been completely inaccurate because I was weighed after eating too much, meaning that it would show that I was heavier than I actually was.

The major difference with this diet is that my parents are helping me out with it because it is a diet called the Weight Watchers diet. It is a diet centred around points more than calories because it is based upon how healthy the foods are rather than the calorie count. What this means is that I will be eating healthier foods rather than lower calories and I think this is definitely helping me because I am learning what foods are healthier compared to others. I am also learning how different it is to be eating healthier compared to eating nothing but junk food and it is safe to say that my body has been detoxing in a way that I have never seen before. For example, I don’t feel unwell all the time because I am being weighed down by junk food, but more feeling rejuvenated by the fact that I feel like I have energy. However, I do have a headache from the reduction in sugar, but I definitely think that I will get over the reduction of sugar in my diet.

I think that this diet compared to previous diets will work better for me because I am being helped out by my parents and they are making sure that I don’t fall into temptation. The sheer temptation of food was a huge problem whenever I approached a diet, however on this diet I can still have some of the junk foods but it is under much more control. I think this will control the urges to eat too much of the junk foods and this is perhaps one of the biggest steps for me. I mean when I went thrifting today, I did visit some stores where I would buy a lot of junk food previous and even the mere sight of the junk food made me feel unwell because I understand the damage that the food was doing to my body. My plan on this diet is to lose weight, but I don’t have a set goal at the moment because I don’t want to end up disappointing myself even though I do have a long term goal which I am hoping to hit within 18 months.

Overall, this Weight Watchers diet is working like a dream and within 2 days I already feel a lot better. Even though I am more tired in general, it is due to the reduction of carbs in my diet, which is something I will get used to. I will succeed with this diet because I am determined to make this work.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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