06/04/2017 (Day 298: Mike89: The Aussie Speedster)

To conclude the double header of awesome Sonic Speedrunners that inspired me to do speedruns of Sonic, I will speak today about Mike89sda. But first, I will quickly speak about how my first runs of Sonic 1 went last night because I actually put in my first attempts. Safe to say, there is a long way for me to go before I am even comfortable with the speedrunning tech of the game, or just the mechanics of the game in general. I think the reason why I struggled somewhat was that I went in without doing any practice or playing the game for quite some time. I think what I need to do is some offline practice of the core game, so that I can get used to the mechanics, as well as maybe learn some of the tricks, although the tricks are not at the forefront of my mind. I think consistency is what I am looking for early on and then maybe introduce tricks and glitches once I have enough confidence. I am quite looking forward to exploring and getting better at the game because even though it was laughably bad last night, there were flashes of potential that I need to bring to reality and to the forefront because I need to remember I wouldn’t become great at a speedrun in the first night. I think until I run it again next week as I am streaming it once a week currently, I am going to practice individual levels so that I can used to what the speedrun does and learn the routes as well because once I know the routes, then I can work on getting better at those routes, rather than improvising and ultimately being slower.

The other speedrunner that has inspired me to become a part of the Sonic speedrunning community is an Australian speedrunner by the name of Mike89sda or Mike as I will refer to him. He has been speedrunning the classic Sonic games for almost 10 years and is one of the veterans of the Sonic community. The first time I watched his runs was back in AGDQ 2013, when he did Sonic 3 and Knuckles coop and from there in the Summer of 2013 was when I decided to drop the follow. It is safe to say that he is one of the most polite speedrunners and is always willing to speak about some of the tech that he does in the speedruns, whilst he is speedrunning at an extremely high level. The experience really shows because the quality of his streams and speedruns is of a very high level and his explanation of tricks and glitches will be vital information for when I learn some of the glitches further on down the line. He definitely has been very entertaining to watch because he speedruns so many different Sonic games and runs them extremely well to the point where I wonder how he remembers so much about so many games. I definitely think I will be watching many more of his streams because he is the 2nd longest time I have followed on Twitch at nearly 4 years.

Overall, Mike89 has been a huge inspiration and a very entertaining channel for me to watch for quite some years and I want to say thank you for the inspiration and the entertainment for nearly 4 years. Here is to another 4 years and you can find Mike at Mike89sda on Twitch and believe me, you will not regret following him.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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