05/04/2017 (Day 297: FlyingFox: She Is Fast And She Can Also Fly)

Recently, I have been speaking about how I have been getting involved with the Sonic Speedrunning Community and how amazing everyone has been in welcoming me in to the community, however there are two people who were my inspirations to pick up Sonic speedruns. Today and tomorrow I will be speaking about these two people, with FlyingFox today and Mike89 tomorrow because without the support and the inspiration of these two awesome people, I wouldn’t have picked up Sonic 1 as a speedrun.

My story with FlyingFox starts last year because at the time I had just beaten Sonic CD for the first time and I was interested in seeing in how the speedrun does it compared to me. The only reason I do this because there is a sense of intrigue in seeing how the games I beat can be completed much quicker by speedrunners and in some cases when I have beaten obscure games, I could not find any speedruns. However, after I had a look round I found FlyingFox streaming world record attempts at Sonic CD, more specifically Any% Tails, which is a category that I had not seen previous. I knew of the existence of Tails in Sonic CD, but never got the opportunity to play as Tails in Sonic CD because he is an unlockable character, which meant after my first completion, I could then play as Tails. At this point, I lurked for a while during her cast because I was actually somewhat nervous to chat that day and I don’t know why. I tend to have some days when I am watching streamers that I feel like lurking and just watching the stream rather than engaging in conversation, which is not a knock against any streamer, but there are days where I feel like just watching the cast. After I started speaking to FlyingFox during the cast, we engaged in conversation because I was not familiar at all with the speedrun of Sonic CD, so naturally I had quite a few questions. She answered them really well and with confidence, whilst still doing world record attempts, which for a game like Sonic CD, which is full on for 95% of the run I found to be impressive. I then dropped a follow, just in case in the future I wanted a streamer that streamed European times then I would have a choice of watching her.

However, ever since I followed her, I have found her stream and her community to be an amazing group of people, who I can have a laugh and a joke, but without going over the top. FlyingFox is a bubbly streamer who is always happy and laughing at the jokes and she does really well at maintaining her composure throughout all of the speedruns that she had done. FlyingFox is one of the reason that I am trying my hand at Sonic speedruns because she is such a good streamer and speedrunner of not just Sonic CD, but all of the classic Sonic games, which I find really impressive. I think that she is a great all round streamer who definitely deserves a lot more Twitch followers than she currently has, as well as Twitch Partnership as well because her stream and speedrunning quality is of a really high standard.

Overall, definitely check out FlyingFox when she goes live on Twitch because you will not be disappointed whatsoever. She goes by FlyingFoxTSC on Twitch, but the Sonic community calls her FlyingFox because it is a lot easier on the keyboard, especially for me. Also, thank you FlyingFox for being the inspiration and giving me the drive that I needed to finally pick up Sonic as a speedgame because I have wanted to for so long and you were the catalyst that I needed.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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