04/04/2017 (Day 296: The Sonic Speedrunning Community)

I mentioned yesterday that I am learning to speedrun a couple of Sonic The Hedgehog games and I would like to say a couple of reasons why I have made this decision. The first reason is that I have played Sonic games all my life and ever since I started speedrunning, there has always been a part of me that had had an itching to try to speedrun a Sonic game. It is safe to say that this itching came to the forefront after being interested in a Sonic trilogy race on the Saturday just gone, however I didn’t have enough experience with Sonic 3 and Knuckles and also I would have been awake way too late for my own good.

The great thing about this series of games is that there is a lot of different games for the Genesis and the Game Gear, many of which I literally have no experience playing. Quite a few of the games that I have not experienced came out for the Game Gear because I never owned a Game Gear growing up and there are a good amount of spinoff titles for the Game Gear. These Game Gear titles are games that I am quite interested in playing because the gameplay might feel somewhat different compared to the Genesis games, even though that the games are still platformers.

I definitely think that expanding my horizons like this is worrying me because I am concerned whether my Star Fox 2 audience would necessarily be interested in me speedrunning Sonic games. I know that I will be speedrunning these games badly to begin with, which is another concern because the quality of my Star Fox 2 speedruns have always been of quite a high standard. However, the thing I need to remember is that I am not retiring from Star Fox 2 whatsoever, I am more taking a needed break from the game before I run into problems with getting burnt out from the game.

The other key reason why I am picking up a couple of Sonic speedruns and potentially even more in the future is because of how amazing the Sonic Speedrunning Community has been. I recently joined the Sonic Speedrunning Discord knowing that I have no experience with speedrunning Sonic games, but everyone has been great with providing me with knowledge and inspiration to go forward and learn these games. I have even asked for help to understand how the game is timed in terms of in game time, compared to real time. The Discord server is always active and the established runners are always happy to help people who are new to the community, and as someone who is new to the community, I have felt extremely welcome and I am looking forward to spending more time with this great community.

Overall, I am really looking forward to streaming my first Sonic 1 speedruns tomorrow, even though I will not be good at all. However, I hope that my community will be there for me because I am concerned that because of how different the game is in terms of speedruns, that there will be little interest. If you have an opinion about this change, then please message me so that I know I have your support. Also, the Sonic Speedrunning Discord has been amazing and I want to thank the Discord for giving me the confidence to at least try to speedrun Sonic 1.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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