03/04/2017 (Day 295: Important Speedrunning Update)

Recently I have been speaking quite a bit in the blogs about branching out into some other speedruns apart from Star Fox 2 because I have been looking to have some time away from the same, so that I can recharge my batteries. This will not be a scenario like with what I said about Mickey Mania in 2015 where I eventually dropped the game, but more of a small hiatus for a couple of weeks to try out some new speedruns. I think it is a good time because there is a small Star Fox 2 community, meaning that I am not leaving the Star Fox 2 community completely empty. Also, I believe Oyster is working on optimising Any% Hard at the moment and I was working on Any% Normal, however Any% Normal can sometimes feel like quite a grind.

Now, the games I will be picking up are completely different to what I have been known to speedrun and I think that this is a positive because variety can be helpful in building my streaming community, which I have been working on growing recently. The first game I will be doing some speedruns of will be Sonic Drift for the Game Gear and it is not the first game that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of Sonic. However, this is a game that has not had a community for a little while now and I have played the game previously and I did enjoy it. Plus, the speedruns for the categories in Sonic Drift are really short and can always be a way to end a stream or maybe start a stream, meaning that I can always merge it with Star Fox 2 later on down the line.

The second game I will be picking up is another Sonic game, but a Sonic game that a lot of people will be familiar with and that is Sonic 1 for the Genesis. I have wanted to speedrun this game for quite some time because I used to practice individual levels back in 2013 before I was even made aware of the concept of being a speedrunner myself. I know that I will be bad at the game, but this is not putting me off speedrunning because I have enjoyed the game for most of my life. Look forward to me speedrunning these on stream this week because I am looking to work hard and see how good I can get, even though I won’t be one of the elite any time soon.

Overall, I hope that the community is ok with me branching out like this because eventually there will be a time where I move on from Star Fox 2, even though this is quite a long way off in the future. Also, branching out will allow me to participate in future races within the Sonic community, which I was only able to simply watch previously.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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