02/04/2017 (Day 294: Atari Jaguar Game By Game Podcast)

I have quite a lot of experience playing quite a wide variety of different gaming consoles throughout my life and I have a lot of knowledge about obscure consoles that I have literally no chance of experiencing because of being exclusive to specific regions. Some gaming systems are simply too expensive to try and get nowadays because of how rare they are and the amount of interest that has arisen for the game system. One of these consoles that I have had an interest in that I simply cannot afford to buy because of how sought after it is the Atari Jaguar.

I have wanted to try the console for a few years now because there is a specific allurement I have towards the system and the fact that it was completely trashed throughout it’s life cycle. Emulation could always be an option, but there is no stable emulation that I have found for the Atari Jaguar. Also, the fact that the controller for the Atari Jaguar is so unique, playing it on a keyboard would neither be ideal or comfortable because of the fact that the controller has a phone keypad. The games that I would want to play on the Jaguar would be Tempest 2000 because of how unique the game is, Cybermorph to see how it compares to Star Fox and finally the port of Wolfenstein 3D, which had no censorship issues whilst other versions did. There is however one solution to experiencing the console in a different way and that is by listening to Atari Jaguar Game By Game Podcast.

This podcast is hosted by Shinto, who has owned the console since around the time that it was released in 1995 and also never uses emulation for his podcast. This is a huge positive because it gives an explanation of how the game behaves on an actual controller, which offers a huge insight. Shinto goes into a lot of detail about each game to the point where there is no detail missed. I like the amount of detail because I don’t have any way of playing the game and every small detail of the game is extremely well explained. The style of podcast is a monologue where Shinto is the only host and I think this works really well because there is obviously not as much known about the Jaguar and the monologue approach means that Shinto is about to fully explain everything that wishes to. Shinto even speaks about how the box, the cart and how every button behaves, which could be excessive detail, but I think it is really useful because there will be a lot of people who have not experienced the console and I think that this will give a valuable insight to those who have not experienced it. The podcast is well researched because there is no detail skipped over and this makes the podcast flow really well.

Overall, definitely check out the Atari Jaguar Game By Game Podcast because it has made me quite knowledgeable about the console and I have learnt so much about how the console plays. Shinto is extremely knowledgeable about the console and I really think that anyone who wants to learn about the Atari Jaguar and the console’s library, then definitely listen to this podcast.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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