01/04/2017 (Day 293: KungFuFruitCup And Her Fruit Basket)

I have decided to continue the theme of the last couple of blogs and speak about a streamer that I have followed for some time that I found once again by complete accident. I am a huge fan of the original Playstation and it’s vast library of different titles, everything from fighting games like Tekken 3 through to 3D adventures games like Medievil and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, both of which I will be reviewing in Liam’s Game Room in the future. However, I am a huge fan of watching people do what are known as blind races, which are races where all the speedrunners that are taking part in the race have either not completed the game fully or never completed the game at all. These races are really enjoyable to watch because you get to see people who play the game that you might know inside and out in new and interesting ways, as well as learning the mechanics of the game. The way I found this stream is this way because she and couple of her friends were doing a blind race of Gex: Enter The Gecko, a game that I actually did some investigation into the speedrun back in 2013 before I even became a speedrunner. The streamer I will be talking about today is the one and only KungFuFruitCup and she is an amazing caster for many reasons.

The first reason why I adore her and her stream is that she is really attentive to chat and literally says hello to everyone, which I feel is a great way to break the ice to any stream as it makes everyone feel welcome. She even engages in conversation during the first 30 minutes of the stream and this time period to dedicated to fully catching up with chat during the time that she has been setting up the stream. I really like this approach because it means that if someone is new to the stream and perhaps is a bit nervous to talk, it will help that person feel a part of the Fruit Basket, which is the name of her community. I even remember the first stream of her’s I watched being the aforementioned Gex: Enter The Gecko blind race and I had to be careful not to spoil some of the sections of the game because it would have been disadvantageous for the other runners in that race.

I think that she is a great example to lead by because she has such a warm and welcoming personality and I felt on the first stream I watched that I had known her all my life. She just has that aura of being a simply amazing stream and for many streamers, myself included an example of how to be a successful streamer. She does a mix of speedrunning and playthroughs although she leans more to the casual playthroughs, which I sometimes watch and lurk. However, timezones means I can’t watch as much as I used to, but I still try and watch her whenever I can because I always feel welcome in her stream. Also, her community is great because everyone is close knit, but also welcoming to the new people to the community.

Overall, I simply adore KungFuFruitCup’s stream, even though I can not watch too often, but I always know that I am welcome there when I can watch her. She has one of the warmest personalities on Twitch and she is simply just a fantastic streamer with a great community. Definitely check out her live stream because you will not be disappointed, I promise you.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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