31/03/2017 (Day 292: Authorblues: A Great Streamer, Speedrunner And Amazing Friend)

I decided that I should have a double header of blogs about awesome streamers because I have been wanting to write about them for a while, which is definitely the case with this speedrunner. I have a lot of respect for this speedrunner because he has introduced me to so many different speedruns and is one of the most diverse speedrunners in terms of the genres of games that he has speedran. He is also the boyfriend of another streamer who I spoken about previously, Skybilz. This speedrunner is the one and only Authorblues and I will explain why I have so much respect for him and his SpeedRunning style.

I found Authorblues after Skybilz raided him one night in 2014 I believe and at the time I didn’t know that Authorblues and Skybilz were dating. So, I joined in the raid like I normally would because I am the sort of person that joins in Twitch raids to see if the streamer being raided is the sort of streamer I would like to watch. I can’t remember what game he was playing, but initially I was intrigued, but not enough for me to drop the initial follow. However, during a Skybilz stream of Super Mario World, I see Authorblues pop up again in the background and even though I was nervous asking, I asked Sky if Auth and her were friends. She replied by saying that he was her boyfriend and that they were playing some cooperative streams in the future. It was safe to say that I had not at the time seen any collaborative streams before and I was so psyched that I hit the follow button with extreme levels of velocity.

During the Spring and early summer of 2015, I was working on my final projects for university and I needed some entertainment during the middle of an all nighter just to get a project finished. I decided that music was not working and decided to tune in to a stream like I normally would of his. Around 4am was when I was starting to struggle and Authorblues helped me get through the most difficult hours of the project and safe to say owe a debt to him because I ended up getting a good grade for the project.

Suffice to say that Authorblues has been there throughout the past 3 years for me in terms of watching Twitch and for great reasons. He tends to speedrun games that no one has speedran before or games that can be improved upon, which is real dedication because it has introduced me to a wide array of different games for different consoles. He is a really polite person meaning that if someone is new to the stream, then he will make them feel extremely welcome without calling out lurks. The quality of his stream is simply fantastic and his style means that he is quite calm most of the time and he is always happy to have conversations with chat.

Overall, I cannot recommend Authorblues enough because he is simply a streamer that I owe a lot to for inspiring me and also inspiring others. He has also helped me through some difficult times and I cannot thank them enough for being an awesome friend, as well as a great speedrunner and a great streamer.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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