30/03/2017 (Day 291: Pistachibow And Her Endless Supply Of Tea)

There are some streamers that I have talked about recently that are considered to be variety streamers, meaning that they don’t associate their stream with one franchise of games or one specific game. I find variety streamers to be great because it means that if one day the streamer is playing a game that perhaps I would not be interested in, then on a different day they would be potentially playing a game that I have wanted to try out or just watch in general. However, there is one variety streamer that I have found lately who is the antithesis of variety and streams perhaps the widest variety of games and genres that I have seen for quite some time. The streamer I will be talking about is a member of The Chillest who I have talked about a few members of this Twitch team recently and she is a great streamer by the name of Pistachibow.

She is a British variety streamer who plays a huge variety or different games, everything currently from the new Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch, through to Horizon Zero Dawn and even creative streams on Sunday. I like this huge variety of different games because it offers content for everyone, no matter what you are in to. I also think that the creative streams that she does on Sundays are really relaxing and offer something completely to the other streams. Pistachibow as a person is someone quite fantastic because she is always dressed up for the streams and she always looks classy. I think that her sense of humour is awesome and I can understand most of the references to the puns that she makes, also I like how she can make jokes about herself. I think the aspect of Pistachibow’s stream is that she is always drinking tea out of a really posh looking teacup and she is even has a matching teapot, which is simply awesome. She evens puts in the chat what type of tea she is drinking on the stream, which I think is really cool because for viewers who want to find the tea that Pistachibow is drinking, it makes a lot easier.

I think that Pistachibow is the sort of streamer that really stands out in a really positive way because she has a unique sense of style to her stream and I can always tell that she puts in a lot of work behind the scenes. The effort she also puts into  her overlays as well is amazing because they are of such a high quality and you can tell that she does it for a living because everything in the overlay looks crisp and clean. Also, the fact that she is a British tea drinking streamer earns bonus points for that fact alone.

Overall, I really like Pistachibow’s stream because there is this sense of classiness whenever I watch her, however she never forces it. I think that her stream always looks crisp and I really like her British sense of humour. Also, the fact that she has a tea of the day makes her stream extremely memorable. Definitely follow Pistachibow on Twitch because she is a streamer like no other and her variety of games that she plays, you will definitely find something awesome to watch. I even watch her sometimes even if I am not interested in the game she is playing because she is that awesome.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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