28/03/2017 (Day 289: The Wonderful World Of Absnerdity)

During the Autumn of 2012 was when I first joined Twitch, but it wouldn’t be until Spring of 2015 that I would subscribe to a streamer for the first time. This hesitancy was mainly because I was not sure what I would gain by paying the $5 a month from subscribing to Twitch channels. However, during the Spring of 2015 everything changed and I decided to subscribe to my first streamer Absnerdity. I watched Absnerdity for the first time in 2014 when I was in my second year of university and I was recommended his stream by a friend of mine, Skybilz. I think it was the fact that the streamer was doing a challenge to beat all the SNES games that were released in the West, as well as Japanese titles that had been translated into English by projects such as Aeon Genesis. I cannot remember the first time what game was the first that I watched him play, but it was safe to say that I was hooked from the beginning. Also, the fact that someone from the chat would pick the next game Absnerdity would play was more incentive to watch and meant that I had a chance to pick a game to be played. I have actually been picked 3 times to choose games for Absnerdity and they have all been quite good titles because I don’t want to see him suffer. I think that the next game I pick might be a game that is either obscure or really bad and I have played some quite bad games for the SNES.

I really enjoy Absnerdity’s stream because he is very welcoming of everyone who joins the chat and works really hard to make the challenge exciting. He has a personality that is extremely likeable and he is very positive about anyone who raids or hosts his channel. I really like that most of the games he plays are blind and this adds to the experience of watching someone learn the mechanics of the game makes each stream unique. He never asks for help no matter how bad it gets, which gives a retro feel because the games Absnerdity is playing is from an era where the internet was not a thing. The stream is absolutely fantastic because it is a stream that I would watch when I had bad days and within a short period of time, I feel much happier and all of the things that I was worried about would be not be the main focus for a little while. I also find it funny when he gets annoyed or frustrated because there is a feeling of both sympathy because he would be struggling, but the sense of humour that the rage against the game offers.

The main reason why I chose today to speak about Absnerdity is that it is the 2 year anniversary of me subscribing to his Twitch channel and it has and will be a lot of fun to watch him play games and even find obscure games to either speedrun or review. Absnerdity is simply an awesome streamer and I am honoured to have him as a friend of mine because he is the sort of friend that a geek could only dream of due to the amount of SNES related knowledge that he has gained.

Overall, thank you so much Absnerdity for such amazing entertainment throughout the second half of my university years and into my working life. I know that due to time zones that I can’t watch as much as I used to, but believe me I try to at every free moment I can. And finally, thank you for being you because it has helped me through some difficult times and helped me feel more positive.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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