27/03/2017 (Day 288: Stream Schedule And Why I Love My Community)

This week for a change I will actually be streaming twice because I have wanted to shift away from just streaming once a week so that I can try and grow my community. The plan is that I will be streaming on Wednesday and Saturday with both streams being entirely different from one another, which is different compared to what I normally do. There will be some Star Fox 2 speedruns this Wednesday because I want to keep trying to improve my Any% Normal time as I have found a neat little time save on the final boss. One of the issues I was having was that my accuracy on this boss was inconsistent and I was not sure what I was doing wrong. However, when I did some runs Saturday night, I found out that the movement of Andross, the final boss was consistent meaning that I know what to aim for during this battle. This is a breakthrough because I had not found any time saves in this category for quite some time and it has now sparked my interest in pushing the time even closer to optimal.

Saturday’s stream will be something completely different because as I mentioned yesterday, there are some speedgames that I have wanted to return to for some time now and I have had no way to bring these games back. I am still not sure what game I will be derusting yet but it will definitely be a game that I speedran before. However, I will confirm that I will not be returning to Super Mario World SpeedRunning because it is a game that I have no interest in returning to and the only reason I ever speedran the game was to prove to myself that I could beat the game. I think that the options I have for speedgames is a positive because if I had only one other choice of game to return to, then I would be less inclined or interested in returning to other games.

Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to my community who gave me the advice that I needed to make my decisions about the stream this week. This is why I love my community because they are always there when I need a hand or some much needed advice as without this support, I would have still been unsure what to do and maybe have made a bad decision. This is also why building a community has helped me because it has allowed me to speak to others to make sure that the decision I make is the best idea.

Overall, I hope you are all looking forward to the schedule this week because it will be the first time in awhile that I have streamed twice in the same week. I am hoping that I can stream twice a week consistently meaning that there is more chance for the community to catch my stream live.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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