26/03/2017 (Day 287: My Speedrunning Future And My Worries)

I thought that today would perhaps be the best day to announce what is going to happen with me and speedrunning in the next month or so because there are going to be a few changes to the games I speedrun. To begin with, I will not be streaming Star Fox 2 as much because I feel like I am starting to burn out with the game and I worry that if I don’t speedrun something different, then I will burn out with speedrunning as a whole and the last time that happened, I went three months without speedrunning.

I think that my focus will shift to Lester The Unlikely because it is a game that I want to improve my time in as I did promise one of the members of the speedrunning community that I would get my time below 20 minutes and I am a man of my word. Also, helping out with Twosogrande yesterday providing the information that the streamer needed for the game resparked my interest in the game and I now want to see how good I can get at the game.

I am also looking to return to Mickey Mania as well because it is a game that I have not speedran since 2015 as I dropped it when I picked up Star Fox 2. I feel that I can save a good amount in the 2 categories of the game because I never really pushed myself and the time to a level where I feel happy. Also, the Mickey Mania community for the SNES has died down completely with no one getting any personal bests in nearly a year. I want to see if I could maybe rejuvenate the community similar to how Star Fox 2 recently came back to life.

I think that maybe I might improve my personal best in Tetris 2 as well because that was a side project that I actually gained quite a bit of momentum and was making some really good progress in getting a sub 4 minute time in the 10 levels category, but once again Star Fox 2 took priority. I am interested in learning the 100% category as well, which is 80 levels and might offer me quite a lot of challenge. The world record run in the category is about 2 1/2 hours and I want to see how close I could get to it, but the only problem is that one run of the category would be the length of a stream.

The thing I should clarify is that I am not finished with Star Fox 2 at all, but I think some time away from it is needed for me, so that I can recharge my batteries and also try some other speedgames that perhaps I have not run for some time. I also want to make sure that my stream has some variety rather than being the same game every single stream because I am worried that it would become too predictable and maybe turn some viewers away. The variety also allows me to experiment with some other games and try some games that look interesting to me as potential speedruns, therefore expanding my horizons and my knowledge base.

However, I am also quite weary that the small community I have started to build has been around Star Fox 2 and I am concerned that this community might not be interested in me speedrunning other games. I feel really unsure because the last thing I want to do is reach a point where I burn out on Star Fox 2 and potentially risk never returning to speedrunning. The other side of the coin is that I have gained a lot of momentum and have inspired others to run Star Fox 2 and if I stop for a little bit of time, then it might cause the interest in the game from the current runners to fade. I am in such a catch 22 because I am not sure what would be best, which is why I would like anyone who watches the stream to respond to me with what they think because I want to do what is right by the community and the stream.

Overall, there are quite a few speedrunning projects I would like to pick up, but I am not sure whether me stopping Star Fox 2 speedrunning for a few weeks will have a negative impact on the growth of my community. Definitely contact me on Twitter, Facebook or wherever you find this blog to tell me what you think.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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