25/03/2017 (Day 286: Twosogrande Knowledge)

This evening I was watching some streams like I normally do and chilling out with some of streamer friends. Saturday nights are my normal night to watch quite a few streamers because it is the main night that I can stay up somewhat later and watch some streamers that I otherwise can’t watch. It also allows me to check out some other streams that I find either by the game that they are playing or by streamers I follow hosting other people. This is how I find some awesome streamers that I end up following and really enjoying, but there have been times where I have watched some streams for up to an hour and I give them a chance, to only not follow due to personal choice.

There is a video game speedrunning tournament that is currently hosted on a channel that I found this way called Twosogrande. This is a tournament that goes on for a few months where people suggest games that are really difficult and or really bad and the host, Brossentia tries out the game before the game being selected for Twosogrande. This tournament is extremely enjoyable to watch because watching speedrunners pick up on the way the game behaves and develop strategies is quite interesting. The goal in this tournament is to progress the furthest in the game within an hour to progress through the group phase and then onto the knockout. The interesting thing is that games can be suggested by the chat and this is great because it means that the audience could see a game that they thought was bad and share it in the tournament. I think this has allowed games that are extremely obscure to most gamers to come to light and maybe entice someone to speedrun the game eventually.

I really have enjoyed the tournament because Brossentia is a fantastic host and does a huge amount behind the scenes to make sure that the runners are ready and to make sure that the stream is up to the highest possible quality. The guest hosts he brings in to help with co-commentary and share the knowledge that they have about the game is impressive and people can whisper him information that they know about the game, which is actually helpful because if the viewers couldn’t do this, then important information could be missed. The reason why this information is not shared in the main Twitch chat is because the racers can see the main chat and potential spoilers could be shared

There was a game that was on this tournament that I had actually speedran before and was able to share my information with Brossentia, which ended up being quite helpful during the race. The game was Lester The Unlikely and I mentioned the game about 6 months ago in the blog and I was surprised that I remembered so much about the game considered how long ago it was. The information offered an useful insight for the stream and I got a personal thank you from Brossentia, which made me feel quite happy.

Overall, definitely check out Twosogrande and Brossentia’s stream because the quality of the tournament is really high and the fact that the games are tested prior to them featuring in the tournament. I was quite impressed about how much I remembered about Lester The Unlikely and I am thinking about derusting the game and maybe speedrunning it again.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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