24/03/2017 (Day 285: Caddicarus: The Best Of British)

Recently, I have talked about quite a few Twitch streamers and the fact that I watch Twitch more than Youtube, but there are still a few Youtubers that I watch quite often. I used to watch a lot of Lets Plays back in 2012 and 2013 before you really understood Twitch and how much more interactive it is as a platformer. I would sit down and watch these playthroughs when I was writing University papers and the content was solid. However, my problem with these playthroughs was to I would only see about 20 minutes of gaming content before I would have to wait up to a week before the next part and this didn’t sit well with me. Eventually, in 2014 was when Twitch became my main platform for consuming gaming content, however I would still watch specific content that interested me and would fit perfectly within a 20 minute video. That is when I discovered that there were Youtubers who did video game reviews online and in video form, which is something that I had not experienced or even tried before. One of the first reviewers I found this way was James Caddick or Caddicarus as he is known on YouTube.

The first video I watched of his was a video that covered the first Tomb Raider game for the Playstation as this was a game that I had a lot of nostalgia for and was one of the first games I played for the Playstation. I honestly went into this video not knowing what to expect from it and whether it would be from the perspective of someone who grew up with the game and the console. To my surprise, Caddicarus was 2 years younger than me and also British, which I could associate with the sort of gaming upbringing that I had because even though most of my reviews are about Genesis and SNES games, I have more experience with the original Playstation.

In terms of the reviews themselves, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the Tomb Raider review for a couple of reasons that stood out to me. The first thing was that the review was well structured with a lot of detail about the game followed by his opinions and what this offered was some reasoning behind his opinion. There are comedic elements to the reviews that never detract from the review itself, but adds something extra and sometimes a break from the facts and opinions being shared. The content is very well scripted and is confidently delivered, which shows that a lot of work went into each video he makes. Caddicarus has even made videos that are about TV shows and VHS/DVD’s and these videos are really impressive because the critique alongside the comedy is very well balanced and makes for videos that I enjoy over and over again. I definitely think that he is one of the best reviewers on Youtube and definitely one of the best of British simply because of the amount of depth and detail that he goes into.

Overall, definitely check out Caddicarus because the reviews he does are of an extremely high quality and he is worth checking out simply due to the variety of videos he does. Also, he is the one of the best British reviewers on Youtube in my opinion.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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