23/03/2017 (Day 284: The Ever Expanding Star Fox 2 Community)

About a year ago, there was a couple of people who speedran Star Fox 2 alongside me and it mainly stemmed from the fact I had beaten a previous runner’s world record time in Any% Normal. The community at this time was me and 3 other runners looking for ways to save the most amount of time in a category where there was relative competition alongside me. However, a couple of months later I was the only remaining runner because the other members had moved on to other projects away from speedrunning, which within the realm of streaming tends to happen from time to time. However, for me as the sole remaining speedrunner of the game, it felt quite lonely because if I took a break from running the game, there would not be anyone actively involved with the game. Everything that was new or found in the speedrun was entirely by accident because I didn’t know of any glitches, tricks or how to look for new strategies. I felt like I was a one man community and it is tough to stay motivated and continue to improve when there is no one to challenge you.

In February of this year in the Star Fox discord chat, I see someone who was intrigued by the game and was interested in SpeedRunning the game. I was quite surprised because I thought that the interest in the game had evaporated when the community moved on to other stream projects and I was expecting it to be just me. The runner called Tokko_Tomcat a couple of weeks later posted his first time on the leaderboard and I was thinking about whether the runner did it so that they could submit a casual play through of the game or whether he was going to continue. The runner then watched my stream at the start of the month and had some questions regarding the speedrun and some of the tricks and routing that I had done for the game. At this point I was psyched because for the first time in nearly a year ( which felt like forever. Can’t believe I just quoted Frozen in a blog. Whatever next?) there was a feeling that a community was forming, even if it was a 2 man community.

This week my world record in Any% Hard was beaten by a runner called Oyster and it was his first speedrun. Initially I was saddened by the record being lost but in the last couple of days me and Oyster have been talking and I am happy to welcome him to the Star Fox 2 community because Oyster has done some research into Any% Hard and has even investigated Any% Expert, which wasn’t even in my plans until May. The thing I appreciate with Oyster is that he apologised to me for taking my record and using a new glitch I found recently. I said that he didn’t need to apologise for it and if anything I mentioned that we have a frame of reference in terms of how much time the glitch saves. This and the fact that a couple of other speedrunners have shown interest makes me happy to be the inspiration for more speedrunners taking up the game. When I was the only runner of the game I felt like I had to be the leader because I was the main face of the game, but with the ever expanding Star Fox 2 community forming, I feel more comfortable because everyone in the community have been speaking about other things of interest and it has sparked me into life and made me more determined to make the game as optimised as possible.

The obvious question stemming from this is whether I will be taking up other speedruns and I will have some breaks away from the game. The simple answer is that at the moment Star Fox 2 has and will be my main speedgame because I have put nearly 2 years of SpeedRunning into it and to stop now would seem ridiculous. I do have a couple of backup speedruns I would like to return to at some point like Mickey Mania and Super Mario Land 2 eventually, but I would have to be seriously burnt out on Star Fox 2 for me to make the switch, or I were able to stream more.often. Suffice to say that Star Fox 2 is going nowhere and is at the forefront of my streaming and SpeedRunning because I adore the game, the speedrun and the community.

Overall, I cannot put into words how glad I am that Star Fox 2 has a growing community and a community that is actively making the game more competitive because I love competition as it fires me up. Here is to the future of Star Fox 2, a game that I hope will grow in popularity.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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