22/03/2017 (Day 283: CiraCorrelia: One Of The Chillest)

For those of you who have followed the blog for a little while, you will know that I have become quite the fan of a Twitch Team called The Chillest and that I watch and follow quite a few streamers from the team. However, there are a few streamers within the team that I have not checked out because of time and how busy my schedule has been lately. I decided on Saturday to check out a member of the team that I had seen on the Chillest Podcast but never got round to checking out and this streamer is CiraCorellia. The night I checked out her stream was the night that she started playing a game called Yakuza 0, which I had a passing interest in because I had seen a review of it and the game looked interesting to watch. I was actually somewhat nervous talking for the first time in her chat because I knew that she has a well established community and I was worried that maybe I was going to struggle to fit in. I did my usual greeting that I was a first time viewer and the response I got was so positive and even Cira herself gave me a warm welcome. For some reason, before the stream started (which is the prestream where the chat can gather and hang out before the stream) me and Cira ended up having a funny conversation about bananas, which is perhaps the greatest way to talk to someone for the first time. After this I followed her because she is such a polite streamer and someone who I knew that I would like to watch in the future. Cira is such an upbeat streamer who no matter what sort of day I have, I could tune in for a while and leave with a smile on my face and a sense that I enjoyed her content. One of the most impressive things is that she is a partnered streamer with quite a good subscriber count and she still made me feel a part of her community. I think the banana conversation helped break the ice, but I just think that she is a streamer like previous streamers that play games that perhaps aren’t my thing and still makes me want to watch. It takes a special kind of streamer to achieve this and CiraCorellia is one of these rare breed of streamer that can achieve this. Also, her community is amazing and a great group of people who have made me feel like welcome in a matter of moments.

Overall, definitely check out CiraCorellia because she is an awesome streamer who definitely is worth your time. She is such a kind streamer and someone who I am looking forward to watching more in the future.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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