21/03/2017 (Day 282: Podcast Blast And Healthier Eating)

One of the things that I have been working on quite a bit lately is to work through my huge backlog of podcasts that I need to listen to. You might even remember me a few weeks ago mentioning that I had nearly 400 hours of podcasts to catch up on and the fact that it could take me all year to get fully up to date. In the past week whilst writing reviews and playing way too much Terraria I have noticed that the amount to catch up on has been falling at quite a rate and listening to podcasts has almost become part of my daily routine. There were times where I didn’t listen to these podcasts meaning that they were getting stockpiled to the point where it was crazy. Last week somehow I managed to get through about 30 hours of podcasts because I was so busy with other things that I was blasting through them at a crazy pace. I could almost say I was having a podcast blast ( now you know where the title partially came from) and I was really enjoying listening to these podcasts again. There is something that I have done differently and that is to skip over small sections where the hosts talk about what they were playing that week because in some cases the information is from 2015 or 2016 and listening to them now is not really relevant. This way I can catch up marginally quicker without skipping episodes, which I definitely won’t do but also make sure that I am still listening to the podcasts and the game that they cover. I need to remember that these podcasts for me are a form of research because I can hear about obscure titles that I potentially might have looked over.

The other thing that I have worked on and today it is bearing fruit is that I am finally going to go all in and start a proper diet because I have been putting on weight recently and it is noticeable. Normally, I have unhealthy things for lunch like crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks, however I have healthier crisps and fruit with my lunch, which is a huge breakthrough for me. However, the biggest problem I have is maintaining the diet for longer than a week because normally the diet can go out the window within days. What I need to do is change this mentality and not completely get rid of the unhealthy foods, but learn to eat this in moderation. Instead of having 2 big bags of crisps and an ungodly size bar of chocolate, have smaller amounts, so that my cravings don’t surface and then leads to excess. I also need to not have a long term goal because that can lead to potentially being disappointed later on when I miss these targets. The way I am going to do this is by taking it day by day instead of week by week because I feel I will be in more control. The thing that should inspire me is how good I feel today with healthier food compared to how bloated I felt yesterday.

Overall, I am happy with the Podcast Progress and I will look to continue catching up, so that even for one podcast I can be fully up to date. Also, I need to have self control and control my urges to eat too much because I want to be able to look back, even as little as a month from now and be able to say that today was the turning point in getting healthier.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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